Over the last few months, JANN ELDERPREDATOR and I have been coming up with a replacement for the logo or wordmark that sits at the top of Xenopedia's web page. In case anyone's unsure what the wordmark is, currently we use this:


It isn't particularly easy to make out, the text could be clearer, but above all it's been there practically since the site started — something new would be good to freshen things up.

JANN and I decided to base the new one on artwork created for the Fire and Stone series, as we felt this was a good way to reflect the addition of Prometheus and the Engineers to the franchise. The major limiting factor we have struggled with is the size — the image cannot be any larger than 250 x 65 pixels, which really isn't a lot to work with. Below are my original attempt (left) and JANN's own effort (right).

Xenopedia logo 2015 6x

The purpose of this blog is to find out what other people think of the proposed change, which (if either) of our suggestions they prefer and if they have any ideas of their own. Better yet, it might encourage someone else to have a go at creating a new wordmark for the site themselves. If you wish to try one for yourself, the image should be a .png file and must be no larger than 250 x 65 pixels, otherwise Wikia won't allow it to be uploaded.

If anyone does come up with a proposed image they'd like to enter into consideration, let me know via the comments below and I'll arrange to have it added into the blog post so others can see and compare it.

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