I’m pretty curious as to why Private Crowe and Private Wierzbowski seem to have much less screen time and dialogue than other Marines, it’s obvious to a point where it just seems deliberate at times. Yeah, they do get killed in the hive ambush sequence, but Frost and Drake also get offed relatively early on in the film—and they had a much bigger role to play throughout.

This actually became all the more apparent to me when I decided to rewatch Aliens a couple of weeks back. I noted that during the briefing scene, the way the scene was framed seemed to imply that they weren’t meant to be there in the first place. Even before that when they’re all sat having breakfast you can see them at the end of the table, but they’re both obscured by other characters. I don’t even think you see them getting out of the hypersleep pods.

So what happened, and why?

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