hello this is a story line of a noval iam going to make tell me what he think so far



Creeper was born on earth and has stayed thier for some time after birth he was brought up by his three older brothers: Creed, Sky drop and fang horn due to the fact that their mother had died as well as their father by a predatorien.when creeper was old enough he was taken to his home planet while his brothers stayed on a war riden triblal planet .On that planet one week after they were droped in Sky drop died he was stabed by a sacret knife by a fellow predator not just one a whole squad of predators. creed and fang horn then retured to their home planet to protect creeper. a deadly foeAdded by


when creed and fang horn returened their sibling was at the mercy of a new blood in an arena for the black super predators entertainment the two would fight to the death.the brother interfeird the black super predator paused the match and begain to shout at the brothers.while this was happening the newblood looked in amazment at the three arguing creeper bloodyed and beated gave one last attack raising his comi stick piecing the newbloods helmet. creeper was taken with is brothers after the match and told him about sky drop.and creeperalso told them about how he became a slave he was taken by a black super predator and was forced be a slave for the black super predator or they would kill his brothers

creeper was ful of rage he then begain to spend more time with his master buster.buster saw the pretenstail with hiss slave so he gave him a prototype gladioator armor. And now he waits for revenge

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