(Updated as of 26/12/2018)

Hello discerning AVP fans, I have recently created a fully comprehensive classification system for every known variety of Xenomorph and Xenomorph-like creature ever depicted or described in official media of any sort from the Aliens and Aliens vs. Predator franchises. As far as I am aware, no other such Xenomorph classification system of similar all-inclusive comprehensiveness and categorical accuracy exists elsewhere on the internet.

Though having said that I of course do not interpret all conceived of Xenomorph varieties from official media as canonical and a list of those Xenomorphs that I do interpret as canonical and canonically feasible is featured in another blog post of mine.

There are these two Xenopedia category pages with alphabetically ordered lists that do contain a similar amount of varieties though obviously with no kind of scientifically defined categories for the creatures listed to fall under:

Perfected Xenomorph Classification System

From my research I have discerned four primary distinctions of Xenomorphs and Xenomorph-like creatures from the expanded universe lore, those four primary categories are:

1. Expanded Universe Xenomorph Castes

Main article: Expanded Universe Xenomorph Castes
  • Standard Xenomorph Caste Variants
    • Early Life Cycle
      • Ovomorph
      • Facehugger
      • Chestburster
    • Adult Castes
      • Drone
      • Warrior
      • Praetorian
      • Queen
  • Auxiliary Xenomorph Castes

This section contains variations of the standard Xenomorph castes from the early life cycle (Ovomorph, Facehugger, Chesburster) and adult castes (Drone, Warrior, Praetorian, Queen) and also auxiliary Xenomorph castes that have appeared in the official media of the feature films and expanded universe lore.

2. Xenomorphs Spawned From Nonhuman Hosts

Main article: Xenomorphs Spawned From Nonhuman Hosts
  • Xenomorphs Spawned From Sentient Extraterrestrials
  • Xenomorphs Spawned From Sentient Extradimensionals
  • Xenomorphs Spawned From Supernatural Beings
  • Xenomorphs Spawned From Animals
    • Terrestrial
    • Aquatic
    • Flight capable

This section contains Xenomorphs spawned from nonhuman hosts (sentient extraterrestrials, sentient extradimensionals, supernatural beings and animals) that have appeared in the official media of the feature films and expanded universe lore.

3. Altered Xenomorph Varieties

Main article: Altered Xenomorph Varieties
  • Mutant Xenomorphs
    • Naturally occurring mutations
    • Unnatural mutations
  • Genetically Engineered Xenomorphs
    • Spliced Xenomorphs (weaponized)
  • Hybrid/Tribrid Xenomorphs
    • Xenomorphs spawned from hybrids
    • Nonengineered hybrids
  • Cyborg Xenomorphs
  • Fundamentally Distinct Xenomorphs
    • Tusked Xenomorphs
  • Xenomorphs of Unknown Conception

This section contains the various mutant Xenomorphs, genetically engineered Xenomorphs, hybrid/tribrid Xenomorphs, cyborg Xenomorphs as well as fundamentally distinct Xenomorphs and Xenomorphs of unknown conception that have appeared in the official media of the feature films and expanded universe lore.

4. Mutants and Creatures Derived From Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15

Main article: Mutants and Creatures Derived From Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15
  • Mutants
  • Ovomorph Equivalents
  • Facehugger Equivalents
  • Chestburster Equivalents
  • Adult Xenomorph Equivalents

This section contains the mutants and Xenomorph-like creatures derived from Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15 that have appeared in the official media of the feature films and expanded universe lore.

Other information

I personally think it would be best for clarity if each of the four primary category distinctions had their own article and this is currently being evaluated by the two Xenopedia administrators.

I am interested in any comments regarding the category structure (appropriate order, nomenclatural accuracy etc.) and correct classification of individual Xenomorph varieties.

Giger Bars Read This

Perhaps even the various Giger Bars could design a thematic menu of beverages etc. to correlate with the perfected, all-inclusive Xenomorph classification system that I have developed!


On related developments, I have also previously categorised all of the equipment, weapon systems and vehicles of the USCMC in accordance with contemporary military classification and created a seperate article listing the ammunition for each of those weapon systems and vehicles, as well as having appropriately categorised all of the various equipment (tools, armour and weapons) used by the Yautja:

USCMC hardware

USCMC ordnance

Yautja equipment

And any readers that are also Gundam or Zoids fans may be interested in a blog posts I have recently made on their respective wikis that also feature classification systems that I have made.