• Freighttrain, The

    (Updated as of 9/01/2019)

    Hello yet again discerning AVP fans, this time I am listing only those Xenomorphs that I believe to be canonical or canonically feasible, in the case that reading my previous blog post on the fully comprehensive Xenomorph classification system that I have created had caused anyone to mistakenly believe that I interpret all conceived of Xenomorph varieties from offical media as canonical, which of course I don't.

    I also include appropriate name changes for several Xenomorph varieties as well as Xenomorph hive and caste dynamics that encompass the coordinated societal functions of all of the standard and auxiliary caste varieties that I have listed as canonical.

    Pre-list contents:

    • Notes
    • Xenomorph name changes
    • Xenomorph c…

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  • Freighttrain, The

    (Updated as of 27/11/2018)

    Hello again discerning AVP fans, this time I am writing about my personal perspectives on the cultural modalities and other aspects of the Yautja and I would like to thank WOLFPREDATORQUEEN1 for providing the conjecture in her various blog posts that inspired me to write one myself.

    The Yautja (Ya-OOT-ja) are a classic example (and the best that I am aware of) of a technologically advanced extraterrestrial species that understands how and how not to use technology, meaning they only use advanced technology to enhance their culture, individuality and capabilities, not supplant them or become lazy and dependant on technology, nor do they use advanced technology to perform grotesque experiments, fundamentally alter na…

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  • Freighttrain, The

    (Updated as of 26/12/2018)

    Hello discerning AVP fans, I have recently created a fully comprehensive classification system for every known variety of Xenomorph and Xenomorph-like creature ever depicted or described in official media of any sort from the Aliens and Aliens vs. Predator franchises. As far as I am aware, no other such Xenomorph classification system of similar all-inclusive comprehensiveness and categorical accuracy exists elsewhere on the internet.

    Though having said that I of course do not interpret all conceived of Xenomorph varieties from official media as canonical and a list of those Xenomorphs that I do interpret as canonical and canonically feasible is featured in another blog post of mine.

    There are these two Xenopedia catego…

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