Alien vs. Predator


"In 2004, three young blood Yautja brothers are sent to earth to the remote antarctic location of Bouvet island for an initiation hunt. This ceremonial rite of passage happens every 100 earth years in an ancient underground pyramid. Their goal: to earn the title of blooded Yautja by stalking and killing their first Xenomorph prey. The brothers hail from an isolated Yautja clan high in the mountains where temperatures vary from hot to freezing. Equipped with thermal heating netting, spiked foot claws, and full-body armor, they are one of the few clans who can endure a sub-freezing site for their off-world hunts. Chopper is always trying to impress his elder brother, Celtic. Prone to talking careless risks, he is the most reckless of the three (wearing the least amount of body armor as proof) but for his flaws, he's the most practiced fighter amongst his siblings - his scimitar-wielded ability is second to none. Chopper is also fascinated by the self-destructive nature of humans, and wears two skulls on his back as a tribute to this. He is the first of his group to fall after being impaled by the grid alien."

Predator 2

Armored Lost Predator (Ultimate)

"A master of weapons, this mysterious mercenary of the Rogue Space Tribe was originally part of Greyback's old crew, the Lost Tribe, from which he took his name. After being tricked into a heist job with Spiked Tail and Lasershot on Yautja Prime, Lost was convicted as an accomplice to the theft of experimental Yautja technology, which included weapons and a spaceship. Being persued by the high council and their Enforcers, the trio used the stolen prototype ship to narrowly escape off-world. After his deception, Lost had no trust for his two new partners but conceded that it's the only tribe he can still hunt with and maintain his honor. Now with an advanced ship, they can travel through space and time to explore new systems, unlike any other Yautja, ever could. In addition to taking mercenary jobs from other alien races, they eventually became specialized in artificial intelligence hunts, expanding well past biological targets. Silent and tactical, Lost prefers solitude and brings much-needed order to the otherwise chaotic nature of his new crew."

Scout Predator (Ultimate)

"Born on a harsh, isolated island, Scout descends from a rare sub-species on Yautja Prime. This island is known fro breeding unique hunters who've become specialist in stealth and long-range kills as a means of surviving the dangerous wildlife. Highly trained at using custom-built plasma rifles, Scout is a master of precision as well as an expert of reconnaissance, and strategic observation. As part of Greyback's Lost Tribe, he's mainly tasked with terminating secondary targets from a distance to allow the rest of the group to focus on the primary target. At the same time, he continually watches for potential dangers. Long-range weapons are usually considered dishonorable in Yautja culture. However, since Scout only uses plasma rifles of his own design and build, he's allowed to participate in hunts in this capacity on the condition that he does not kill any primary targets. Serving as both a strategist and a protector, Scout is a hunter of rare skill contributing significantly to the Lost Tribe's legendary success in ways that are commonly overlooked."

Stalker Predator (Ultimate)

"The younger, more reserved of the two 'Boar Brothers', Stalker is one half of the intergalactic mercenary duo known mostly from underworld rumors. Forced to flee their home at en early age due to an attack by a rival tribe, Stalker and Boar survived for years alone on their own with only one antoher to rely on. Becoming very good at surviving, they also became great thieves, Stalker, being the quiet meticulous type, would turn out to be the 'brains' of the two, coming up ith the plans while Boar was more interested in the execution. Despite their combined skills, they would eventually get caught stealing from a dangerous Yautja Elder, known as Greyback. But instead of killing the youths, he decided to put their talents to use and trained them to be a part of his hunting tribe. Their first hunt, Los Angeles, was only to observe, but it wasn't long before they were sent on their own hunt, and because of their teamwork, proved to be a very effective duo. The brothers would later choose to remain off-world, taking dangerous jobs for hire ranging from protecting, extraction, and exotic trophy hunting, all organized by Stalker, who had become a very cunning and strategic leader. This, combined with Boar's aggression and bravery, makes no mission too much for this tribe of two."

Kenner Tribute Figures

Clan Leader Predator

"The supreme leader of Yautja Prime, also known as The Grand Elder, Clan Leader has ruled for centuries and is proven to be the wisest and strongest leader amongst all Elders. His superior hunting record, fighting skill, and great cunning are legendary, earning him the highest position in Yautja society. Assassination attempts and tribal uprising are commonplace for Clan Leader, but he has proven to be an invulnerable force, earning the respect of his people and striking fear into those who oppose him. He is rarely seen by his subjects and stories have grown from what little is known of him. He is said to be immortal, possessing abnormal strength and abilities, and many believe that his mechanical tendrils are sentient beings under his divine control. These tales have yet to be disproven."

Ghost Predator

"Narrowly escaping a Super Predator raid on his village, the Predator known as Ghost has used his "presumed dead" status to his advantage. He has devoted his life to systematically eliminating the entire race of those responsible for the death of his people. Living in complete solitude, Ghost has taught himself extreme focus and patience, often scouting Super Predator tribes for weekes before a calculated strike. Using specialized thermal dampening netting, he is only seen seconds before a kill. This has caused him to become a subject of Super Predator lore - a "boogie man" whom his targets fear. The psychological advantage gives Ghost an edge in combat, as his opponents are often fear-stricken upon seeing him. His plasma caster is only for defense: Ghost prefers the death blow of a cleaver sword or smart disc, ensuring that his prey see him at their moment of death."

Lasershot Predator (Ultimate)

"The yautja known as Lasershot is a Bad Blood sociopath with an obsession for technology and hi-tech weaponry, always seeking new and grotesque methods of "self improvement". Growing up without a clan, honor and tradition never held any value for him. His only motivation is a morbid scientific curiosity with the goal of becoming the efficient killing machine... literally. Treating his body as a customisable vessel for his mind, he's been known to surgically integrate tech into his body in order to enhance his physical abilities. Several instances of self-mutilation are known, such as replacing his left hand for modular weapon use and even removing his own eye because he'd built a more advanced version. Lasershot's understanding of technology and bio surgery have made him a valuable asset to the Rogue Space Tribe for hunting non-organics. In turn, Spiked Tail and Armored Lost accept his dark obsessions and unusual personal interests."

Lava Planet Predator

"A descendant of a rare tribe that inhabited the lethal volcanic regions of yautja Prime. They wear specialized masks and cloaking nets to suppress the high levels of radioactivity. Their invisibility cloaking technology is highly advanced and nearly always active as a protective electromagnetic field against the radiation, through visible undulations of skin and armor are constantly moving and shifting amongst the fiery red landscape these Predator occupy. Lava clan warriors carry specialized weaponry specific for hunting the Vy'drach insectoids of the desert. This is a rite of passage for most common Yautja warriors, but for Lava, it is a way of life."

Nightstorm Predator

"Over 4,000 years ago, before the ancient feud between the Yautja and the Rouges (Super Predators), Nightstorm accompanied one of the first Yautja Xenomorph hunts to Egypt. However, he did not approve of the Yautja code of honor, feeling that it gave too much power and significance to the prey they hunted. Thus the feud between the tribes began and Nightstorm's legend soon grew amongst his kind, eventually leading him to Elder status. He set out to unite the rest of the Super Predator tribe, ruthlessly hunting nothing less than the noble Yautja warriors."

Renegade Predator

"A young, brash New Blood Yautja with promise and vigor, Renegade is part of the Jungle Hunter Clan associated with the hunt on Earth (Val Verde) in 1987. He is headstrong and motivated, often rushing ahead of the hunting tribe seeking the thrill of killing first. Renegade is often known to hunt with Cracked Tusk's tribe, studying under the old master as an apprentice. The Elder even helped the young hunter develop his unique hunting weapons. Within this tribe, Renegade struggles to cooperate with Scavage, mostly due to his ties to Nightstorm (who is considered to be a devil in the Jungle Hunter culture). Although he has enjoyed several off-world kills, the New Blood still seeks his first Xenomorph trophy, and he knows that despite his reservation about Scavage, the Cracked Tusk tribe is his best chance of achieving this goal."

Scavage Predator

"A half-breed: part Yautja, part Super-Predator. Although raised in a small Yautja village, Scavage prefers a nomadic lifestyle and has no official clan affiliation. A direct descendant of the ancien Elder Nightstorm, he forged his armor and weapons to pay tribute to his powerful great ancestor, trading the gold of royalty for the warrior's steel. Unlike his Super Predator cousins, Scavage lives by the Yautja honor code, but his silent nature as well as blatant reverence for Nightstorm is often the cause of much contention amongst the other Yautja. A paradoxical loner with no interest in dealing with others, he will only follow those he greatly respects, such as the Elder Cracked Tusk. Scavage is also known to bring his hound on hunts... it's the only living creature he truly trusts."

Spiked Tail Predator

"The leader of the Rogue Space Tribe, Spiked Tail is allied with the Armored Lost and Lasershot Predators. Spiked Tail's unorthodox hunting methods and use of illegal weapons caused the exile of his team from Yautja Prime. Using stolen time/space technology, the Space Tribe can travel much farther in the galaxy than most of the Yautja. This has allowed them to advance oast hunting organic beings: they find non-organic mechanical beings to be more challenging prey and have modified their gear accordingly. Spiked Tail's age is assumed to be considerable, thus many suspect that the robotic trophies he claims for ormentation are actually physical enhancement to keep him in capable condition. In addition to hunting robotic life, a mysterious rival Yautja, the pirate called R'Zor, has threatened several Space Tribe missions and thus he has also become a target."

Stalker Predator

"Descending from the Night Hunter Clan near the southern pole of Yautja Prime, Stalker lives in a world of complete darkness. Having developed unparalleled night vision technology, the members of Stalker's clan hunt in coordinated packs over large, open areas. Their translucent skin is an environmental adaptation that allows their phosphorescent green blood to shine through, and that glow act as a location signal in the absence of light. Pack hunting offers a great advantage, for while most creature in this area are blind, their prey is alos much larger than them and thus extremely dangerous to take down alone. Stalker and his clan are very removed from the rest of the planet and thus hunt more for survival than for sport. The Night Hunter Clan is one of the few Predator clans that does not possess cloaking technology, as it is of no use in this environment."

Special 100th Edition

Alpha Predator

"The Yautja race began thousands of years ago as the Hish-qu-Ten, a primitive species suddenly struggling under the rule of alien invaders. For many centuries, the Amengi were cruel rulers, using the Hish for labor and breeding them to battle for the entertainement of their masters. But ultimately, the Amengi engineered their own defeat when they produced fighters strong enough to organize a rebellion, led by one particulary powerful Hish who came to be known in legend as the First Hunter - the "Alpha Predator"."

Aliens versus Predator (2010)

Serpent Hunter Predator

"The "Alien Head Predator" is a Yautja from the Elite Clan. Known for being the most succesful Xenomorph hunter of all time, Serpent Hunter specially designed his Bio-Mask to ressemble the head of his prey in honor of his achievements... and his obsession. Never removing his in front of the others, he believes it helps him think more like the Xenos, and he sometimes even mimics their movements. A skilled tracker and master of weapons, much of his success also stems from his considerably long life, estimated at over a thousand years. However, anyone who has come in contact with Serpent Hunter will attest that he is in peak physical condition, showing no signs of old age. Shrouded in mystery, his tendency to remain aloof outside of the hunt only leads to further speculation about what really lies under the mask."

Predator: Life and Death

Cracked Tusk Predator

"An old hunting tribe leader and revered Elder. Most Yautja of Cracked Tusk's age and reputation take a secondary role in society, forfeiting hunting opportunities to rule over a clan. But preferring to stay active, Cracked Tusk is more of a field general than a common Elder. A survival specialist, he has endured some of the harshest environments, from the lava deserts of his home world to the cold, barren conditions of Rim and Fiorina. His exceptionnal skills and experience have allowed him to train many young Yautja hunters to survive in the same cruel and harsh conditions, Cracked Tusk is also credited as the originator of many of the weapons and technology used by the Lava Predator Clan. A legendary hunter and leader, he has a reputation for always fulfilling each mission and bringing his hunting tribe back alive, no matter the circumstances."

Hive Wars Predator

"Stranded for years on Xenomorph Prime, his tribe was killed in a reckless Xeno hunt gone awry. Left with nothing but a broken ship and limited supplies, this Predator has proven to be very resourceful, crafting new weapons from wreckage of his vessel. He lives in isolation, an outcast amongst the enemy, often becoming the hunted himself. He once longed for rescue from this desolate planet, but has since realized that this is the greatest challenge a true warrior could ever hope for."

Batman: Dead End Predators

Albino Predator (SDCC 2013)

"Devoid of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes, the Albino Predator lurks in the shadows. Enraged by the stigma of being ostracized for his genetic mutation, Albino's propensity for violence is extreme even by Predator standards. A member of Big Red's clan, the Albion shuns most of the traditional Predator weaponry like plasma casters, throwing discs, swords, and spears. He prefers hand to hand combat and will literally tear his prey limb from limb. The wrist blades, his only weapon, are used to eviscerate his opponents."
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