What do you guys want to see from the new AvP movie? There was an article on ScreenRant about the new movie and how an anonymouse souce from 20th Century Fox said that it was a certainty at this point. Which, personally, makes me as giddy as a school girl. I loved the first two AvP movies, while they both were much to be desired, what can be better than 2 alien races going toe-to-toe? Anyway, I am about as excited as you can get about the new movie, but there is some things that I want to see. These following things are in no particular order, just in the order that I thought of them

1. Praetorians - These aliens have only been seen in video games, and I think that it is about time that they make an appearance onto the big screen. They are an essential part to the Xenomorph life cycle, and deserve some big-screen attention.

2. No human/Predator team up - This has been addressed in a different blog, but I definitely agree. The downfall of the first two AvP movies, for me, was the ending team up between a human and Predator. I feel like the Predator would be able to do just as well against the overwhelming odds of the Xenomorphs without the human deadweight.

3. Space - This new movie needs to be set either in space, or on a different planet. In order for this to occur, it would have to be in the future, which would be no problem. The Earth setting has definitely been exhausted in the first two movies, and the setting needs to be more alien. 

4. More than one Predator: I really liked in the first movie how there were 3 Predators. It gave more of the feel that the Xenomorphs were evenly matched with the Predators, since they were able to kill the Predators as well as the Predators could kill the Xenomorphs. Plus, I really like the different variations of the Predators.

5. References - I would really like to see them give a nod to the original Alien franchise, maybe mentioning Ripley, or even mentioning Dutch from Predator. I really think that would be neat. 

These are just some things that I would like to see in the new movie, and I also want to see what you guys thought and what your opinions were about the new movie.

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