What Aliens needs is a new take and get more people talking. I mean to the people who have yet to hear or watch the frist two Alien movies. As this year drawing to a close where will the next Alien title take place? Hicks could be played as the major role in the upcoming sequels. Will Fox continue on in the wagon in the next coming storm?

Why start at the depressing angle? Looks like Fox did try and bring back fans with the sudden comeback of Corporal Dwayne Hicks. Most love it and most hate it. Why is that? I love seeing him back!

If you pick on Alien 3 for one second.

The pacing is slow, the visuals are murky, the plot is muddled. A leisurely, unpleasant tale of a lone survivor stranded on a prison planet plays like a bad, pretentious drama until the Alien finally arrives to start killing characters. After watching this movie, the only question is: why didn't they go with their original instincts in Alien 4 and make this incoherent mess into a bad dream? That is a move which would have tied in nicely to the last line of Aliens (Newt:"Can I dream?" Ripley:"Yes, I think we both can.")

Bugs me the most here. That's such a flawed movie to begin with, its not hugely surprising that it was the result of no one being able to get themselfs together. Look at Highlander 2 and ask the fans is that canon?

Seeing as most fans called Aliens: Colonial Marines worst game ever. Why? Over the graphics? The movies already had that out of date feel to begin with. That felt super fine! So I did'nt grow up in the "HD Gaming" because well the classic 8 bit to 128 bit spoilt my gaming. I was never keen on rebuying the same game twice because this got HD!

So why should Aliens: Colonial Marines get attacked? Should Sega hire Hideo Kojima? Does Aliens need a Metal Gear Solid type story to impress people in today gaming world?

Well I will leave it at that until 20th Century Fox can "repair" whatever damage that was caused back in February. The game has been brought update to date as of now. A fairer review is in order and see it as a fun arcade shooter that passes the time away on those rainy days.

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