Here's something that's been bugging me, even more since we were introduced to the latest portrayal of the Predator character; I would really like to open everyone's minds to the possibility that not all Predators are Steve and Stephani Perry's Yautja version. The Perrys contributed a detailed, fascinating portrayal of the Predator species in a novelization that was itself a retcon of the original comic spinoff. If we're going by the guidelines that the movie franchise sets the stage for the Predator/AvP universe, then that leaves room for interpretation. For Pete's sake, Yautja even let humans into their ranks, which tells me that 'Yautja' is not so much a technical term for the entire species as a cultural/ideological one. Fansites seem to use the word Yautja in the sense of Star Trek's Klingons, but a better analogy might be Star Wars' Mandalorians (nomadic hunters, made up of different species, living by a common language and code of conduct). I can imagine the Yautja, composed of thousands of clans(represented in the real world by loyal Yautja-philes over the years), might even be the largest or most powerful population of Predators. Perhaps it’s the Yautja themselves who believe that they are the 'true' Predators. So here’s what I would like to see: Specific references to all other Predators as ‘Yautja’ or ‘Hish’ are removed (the movie Predators for instance). A weapon or object used by all versions of the Predators is referred to by its common name, followed by the The Yautja (or Hish, etc.) word; like this: “The Combi-stick(Yautja:Naginata) is a weapon…” And finally, I’d like to see the Yautja in particular get the respect due to them as a distinct Predator culture in a featured status article. I truly feel that preserving the Yautja as one of potentially many unique versions of the Predator species is a more accurate and inclusive approach for all Predator fans. With the success of Predators and a possible sequel, we’re sure to find out more about these mysterious hunters; taking a more inclusive approach might help leave the door open to the possibilities.

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