Hi there, i am creating a xenomorph size chart:

Due to a comment i am speculating about the Xenomorph King. The comment was like: "the Xenomorph King from sideshow is not the Rogue Xenomorph from the comics. It is a regular King." So i checked all sources and now i am quite confused.

1. :

The Rogue Xenomorph is an alien created by Rogue, a mad scientist. The Rogue Xenomorph is also frequently called the King Xenomorph on the internet because of the tooltip in the strip that says: "AN ALIEN KING.".

picture Rogue Alien comic

The "King Alien" was created by Kenner as part of their Aliens toyline. The king was created by the Weyland-Yutani company to be used as a super weapon that would be hostile enough to create what could be used to kill all other xenomorphs on a planet. Making the King Alien more of a weapon that was a counter measure of sorts.

picture King Alien Kenner

2. :

The Rogue, also referred to as the Usurper, Chimera or "King" Alien, was a human/Xenomorph hybrid genetically engineered by Professor Ernst Kleist as part of Project Chimera. Queen-human-hybrid. The result was the Rogue, an enormous and hugely powerful male Xenomorph "king" that it was hoped would act as a tame counterpart to naturally-occurring Queens.

3. :

A King Xenomorph is one of the rarer species of xenomorph, as they only make themselves known when a new queen needs to create a new hive.

picture King Alien unknown source

4. Siedshow Alien King Maquette :

The sideshow maquette seems to have no real reference. Due to the designer video they just wanted to make a "male alien".

So a sju see i do not know what is wrong what is right.

A test: if i say that the "King" is another caste, than the "Rogue" is not a "King". Therefore it would be a queen/human-hybrid. Not very far away from the xeno-human-hybrid "Newborn".

But i always have seen the whole alien-species to be very female. It seems like there is no need for a male xeno.

For me the "King" is no extra caste. The "King" is the "Rogue".

What do you think about this?


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