I was thinking about there´s must be a logic reason for the future tech showed in Alien/Aliens seems less advanced than Prometheus's. That´s because the first two films were made before the internet, touchscreens, even laptops and more.

But as the Aliens universe timeline concerned, there´s no valid reason. Then, I had an idea:

By 2029, technological advance allow mankind built spacecraft, automated medpods, touchscreens and holographic screens, but by circa 2122, tech are almost like that of the 1970s: Buttons, radio signals, analogic screens. Why?

First: Prometheus is both an experimental and advanced exploration ship. So it incorporate the latest technology, Nostromo is just a Hauler. Not a glorified truck per se, but a utilitarian ship. With just the neccesary for had the job done.

Second: Touchscreens today are some kind of fragile, a smartphone fall to the floor and breaks. Touchscreens are made with rare earth elements, not easy to replace or repair. At least not for a blue collar. Nostromo crew are truckers, workers, not scientists.

If a meteor shower destroy acritical component of a ship. Its easily reapired with simple electronics, components found around the ship (as the ones with Ash made the motion detectors, like the ice cube trays), butons, levers, transistors rather than advanced electronics, touchscreens, rare alloys, etc. So my point is ship building companies found this retro-technology far more durable, cheap and easy to repair by normal people.

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