Recently the new Alien: Covenant trailer was released and it makes me think the movie has various symbolisms with Dante's Divine Comedy.

On the trailer, the tag line is "The path to paradise... starts on Hell." The Divine comedy is Dante´s journey to Paradise to see his beloved Beatrice. The first chant is called Hell. So Dante´s path to paradise starts on Hell.

The trailer starts with the Covenant arriving to a planet, the vrew discover some overgrowth wheat, then Waterson said: "You hear that? no birds, no animals, nothing." then shots of a tall forest, and partially cloud covered sun. Some dark. In Divine Comedy, Dante is on a dark forest "where the sun is silent", interpreted as a dark silent jungle, with the sun behind a mountain.

Dante's path is blocked by three beasts: A she-wolf (incontinence), a lion (violence and bestiality) and a leopard (Fraud and malice), the crew of the Covenant is also haunted by the three beasts: the unstoppable spore infection (neomorphs), the brutality and bestial instinct of the xenomorph and the Fraud and malice of a dark dangerous place tought to be a paradise (or maybe some character with a hiden agenda).

Dante's journey begins on a Maundy Thursday, Passover's eve, the day of Jesus' last supper. Alien: Covenant's prologue is called Last Supper.

The scene with all the charred corpses and a temple, while a hooded figure walks by, are like the descriptions of Hell. with all sinners suffering in a twisted ways.

What do you think?

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