aka neminI

  • I live in in the shadows
  • My occupation is A seeker of illusion
  • I am male

hello my name is xeno126 I AM an extreme fan of the avp and alien and predator syfy  I consider ACM to be a betrayal to the alien franchise it should have been  releashed in 2009 and it would have been great but thank to lying gearbox  the game is a much as a diaster as the colonial marine operation on acheron the first one

Section heading

I loved prometheus it taught us alot about the space jockey I don't calll them engineers  I  been using space jockey since alien so I won't stop now

favorite xenomorph

It is the menacing elite guard of the queen the praetorion A master of combat fast.tough and ruthless to any who threaten the queen I susect they have diffrent types like the raven and royal guard

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