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C Ferro

My name is The Creature Slayer, though my friends usually just call me Crea.

I am a huge fan of the Alien/Predator/AVP franchises and have been invested in the series since a young age. I'm here to help others who are interested in the series by providing quality information about the various aspects of the overall franchise, from lore and behind the scenes, to merchandise and photography. I hope to expand the wealth of knowledge available on this wiki and polish the existing data so that any franchise newbies (or veterans) looking to get to know more about the franchise have a trustworthy and well-sourced databank from which they can learn.

Current status: ACTIVE USER

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Currently Researching/To-Do List (very cluttered)

Going to be updating all the A:CM pages as they are pretty unattended to, to keep track of this I have created a temporary section on my profile below.

  1. Update pictures for marines of the USS Sephora and to actually fill out their surprisingly unfinished biographies as well as update the deaths section on the 2179 page (Pictures to go: Lisa Reid? I just don't seem to be able to get a satisfying picture of her. Stasis Interrupted characters: the co-op characters, who I need to make pages for. 3/9 pictures gathered. After further consideration, I need to get pictures for the regular co-op characters as well. 0/3 pictures gathered.) (might also make some pages for the minor characters from the campaign and SI, such as Lisbeth's Mother, the WY Researcher, the Reactor Marine, and the Surgeon who tells the Marines they cant save Bella, though not sure) [On Hold]
  2. Operation: Aliens board game and revamped Aliens: Space Marines pages. (been rather pre-occupied but I'm gonna' try and get all this done and finished with soon so that I may get back to some of the other stuff on this list)
  3. I need to finish the Wraith pages, Hope (Tirgu-Mires) and Roark. And maybe flesh the existing pages out a bit at some point/polish them up.
  4. Update the Dutch and Linn pages (useful link)
  5. AVP: Evolution stuff (finished the game but a bit busy at the moment, will do the plot at a later date)
  6. Queen Mother pages (need to re-read some comics/novels, basically intend to create 3 pages for the three individual confirmed QMs we have seen)
  7. Maybe add some Infestation marine images/clear up some of the poorly worded bios (half-done).
  8. USS Sulaco Colonial Marine biographies for additional media (need to read said media)
  9. Replace Razor Claws screenshots (low priority)
  10. Improve/add Aliens: Armageddon pages (Currently researching: Plot, will eventually get round to this but it is not my top priority right now)
  11. Fill out the Xenomorph victims category (on hold, not sure if articles need both the chestburster AND xenomorph victims categories; Spoiler alert: they don't, gonna fix my mess sometime in the future)
  12. Funko related products (Dorbz etc.) (double this with the useful links toys section)
  13. AvP: The Hunt Begins (need to actually get around to buying it, though might get the new RPG first. Ok, well it got discontinued so getting a proper set of stuff for this might be hard)

Find a way to include these on the wiki:

  • Kagero Predator
  • Sengoku Predator
  • While I have added pictures of these Predators and their equipment, I might make a "List of" page similar to the Xenomorph caste ones, for minor Preds featured only in figures/statues as some of them have decent amounts of bio for them, though others do not. (on indefinite hold)

Future useful links:


Board Games

(Still need to run a fact check on some of these to confirm if they are official or not)

A:CM Revamp checklist

Working on Stone and Cruz, still need to get several co-op images and some better main cast images.

Character/Page Status
Lisa Reid DONE
Christopher Winter NOT STARTED
Jeremy Cruz WIP
Bishop (USS Sephora) NOT STARTED
Bella Clarison NOT STARTED
Keyes (USS Sephora) DONE
Jennifer Redding NOT STARTED
Demarcus Short NOT STARTED
Guillermo Quintaro NOT STARTED
Lisbeth Hutchins DONE
Dwayne Hicks NOT STARTED
Clark (USS Sephora) DONE
Maitland DONE
Mooses DONE
Matzke DONE
O'Reilly DONE
Paluski DONE
Daggs DONE
Angie Duplis DONE
Chris Duplis DONE
Ellner DONE
Garnett DONE
Roberts DONE
Romerio DONE
Hernandez DONE
Hohenkerk DONE
Short DONE
Tanaka DONE
Tolentino DONE
Klassen DONE
Kobus DONE
Wells DONE
Ethan DONE
Andrews (USS Legato) DONE
L. Papp DONE
Z. Forcher DONE
K. Morales DONE
K. Barrington DONE
Joshua Morris DONE
Stanton DONE
Conrad DONE
T. Ashley DONE
J. Ziglar DONE
J. Washenfelder DONE
D. Rechner DONE
P. Watkins DONE
D. Capes DONE
R. Siwiak DONE
E. Greenlief DONE
S. Trubetskoy DONE
S. Baroski DONE
Steven Hale DONE
M. Moore DONE
David Hale DONE
M. Macaulay DONE
M. Jelley DONE
M. Bailey DONE
B. Norton DONE
A. Montgomery DONE
C. Bradley DONE
C. Nelson DONE
Adam Gregor DONE
Vincent Muller NEEDS IMAGE
Susan Faraday NEEDS IMAGE
Broady Kirkson NOT CREATED
Isaac Hernandez NOT CREATED
Bryan Webber NOT CREATED
Vivian Holmstrom NOT CREATED
William Barns NOT CREATED
The Second Acheron Queen NOT STARTED

My Collection

Most if not all the Alien, Predator and Alien vs. Predator media, merchandise, et cetera, that I own. [Will be updated once I get round to checking what everything is.]


Video Games

Arcade games I have played


Novels & Novella

Comics & Graphic Novels


Kenner Products


  • Various Aliens and Predator NECA figures (gonna' be a looong time before I fill this out as my collection got moved into storage and I am incapable of getting stuff out right now)

Eaglemoss Collections

  • Alien Retro Snake & Mantis Figurine Set
  • Alien Retro Bull & Gorilla Figurine (2-Pack)


  • Various other collectibles

Favourites Lists

Films of each series

Video games of each series

Comics of each series


Characters of each species

Characters of each movie (release order)

Test Page Index

This is just an ease of access thing for myself.

Earned Barnstars

Toy Barnstar The Toy Barnstar
For great work adding info on numerous Alien-related toys and figures.--Buck-ark LEIGH BURNE(Talk) 20:56, October 4, 2018 (UTC)
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