Hey there. Big fan of everything Alien, and I try to check in as much as possible. I largely focus on the expanded media of the franchise, mostly involving character profiles and plot sections for the comics.

Top 12 movies

If I had to list all of the movies where either a Xeno or a Predator appears in, it would be this:

1. Alien (The best.)

2. Aliens (The most risky sequel ever made but man did it pay off. Though I love the Aliens movie, I do feel as if it has slightly hurt the Xeno's reputation a little; being demoted to bugs than that of an actual extraterrestrial entity to fear. Don't get me wrong, I just feel the Alien being an unstoppable force of nature is better portrayed in the first movie as well as the video game Alien: Isolation, though Aliens still exceeds with what it sets out to do.)

3. Predator (A very smart movie under the guise of an incredibly unintelligent one and yet it just works perfectly...)

4. Prometheus (A great return to the Alien universe. It has been 8 years since they did, or in my opinion at least. I think some criticisms are overblown and nitpicky. Sets up something great which unfortunately Alien Covenant botched. There was real potential following this film but unfortunately it just got burnt out very quickly.)

5. Alien 3 (Some think it's worse than Resurrection...WHAT? I for one liked it. The Assembly Cut at least, though reading William Gibson's Alien 3 I would have preferred that to have been made. This is the movie where the original franchise for me should have stopped at.)

6. Alien: Covenant (An okay movie, as it didn't follow up from Prometheus enough for it to surpass it. Upped David's character by 100 but unfortunately it was in sacrifice of any development of Shaw or the Engineers. It wasn't an awful film for me. It had some amazing scenes, but also very concerning ones too, like why the Engineers in the film look like low-budget fan film versions, or the revelation that DAVID is the creator of the freaking Xenomorphs. That better for all intense and purposes be retconned ASAP (it has been). Unlike Prometheus, where I enjoy it the more I watch it, I seem to be liking Alien: Covenant less and less. Scott clearly strayed too far away from his original idea for a sequel after too many complaints following Prometheus' release, and he clearly caved in. He should've just stuck to his guns and made what he originally envisioned. The result as seen in Covenant is a frankenstein's monster of a film that doesn't truly satisfy Prometheus fans OR Alien fans.)

7. Predators (A great reboot...No, wait...Sequel to the hunt that started it all. Diverse characters each with their own background and awesome action that pays homage to Predator. Not exactly groundbreaking in its premise but a strong follow-up.)

8. Alien vs Predator (Though the movie was critically panned and hated by most, I found it to be relatively enjoyable and quite the easy watch. Just a guilty pleasure. That being said, the movie definitely isn't GOOD good. Probably the main problem for me was that it wasn't set in the future and all the issues that came with it. Xenomorph infestations on modern-day earth is a concept I have NEVER liked and never will.)

9. Predator 2 (Another risky sequel and ohhh no did it not pay off. It did introduce some neat weapons though that the Predators now traditionally use as well as hinting towards the shared universe of the Alien franchise and delving into the history of the creatures a bit. It has been a long while since ive given this film a watch, perhaps my opinion on it will be a little higher if I give it another shot.)

10. Alien Resurrection (The worst of the bunch. Dumb, strange and less serious than it's three predecessors. If this movie was never made then nobody would have cared since its timeline takes place so far from any events that we actually care about. Just pretend it never happened.)

11. The Predator (You would have thought after AVP Requiem that terrible movies with Predators in them were behind us, but no. Completely soulless movie made by people who clearly don't care for the franchise whatsoever, which is ironic considering Shane Black was the one directing it. To be honest, this film I did not yet watch for the longest while, since I had heard ALL the awful plot details about this film and it irritated me to no end. What I HAD watched was Black's previous film 'The Nice Guys' and I feel like I must be the only human on Earth who DIDN'T like that film. THIS film is literally just the Nice Guys with Predators in it. Not only is the film itself bad but it tries to ruin the ENTIRE franchise, expanded media and all, by retconning EVERYTHING fans know of the Yautja species. Why bother following up from the cliffhanger of Predators, which was a pretty decent film, when you can make a psuedo-comedy that butchers the franchises lore? The Predator franchise is NOT a comedy. At least Covenant didn't have characters cracking bad jokes all the time or the Xenomorphs holding decapitated arms with a thumbs up. This film just sucks and has little to no redeeming qualities. There are TWO good things in this entire film - The costume design for the first Predator, and the lab escape sequence. THATS IT. Dont even get me started on the Weaponize Autism thing or the deleted Ripley/Newt cameo. What were they thinking? Probably the biggest wasted potential is that the film doesn't even try to establish any form of continuity. They couldn't even care enough to make the hounds the same species as the ones from the 2010 film (and actually made the dogs look worse). Predators may as well just be a fan film for all that The Predator cares. Theres even an AVP easter egg in the film which means what exactly? That the AVP films are actually canon to the Predator franchise? What a mess. No wonder Arnold wanted nothing to do with the movie...I guess I can say if you're wanting a basic popcorn flick then sure, but if you're a FAN of the Predator franchise this is DEFINETLY not your movie.)

12.Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (A bad film. Never once feels like an Aliens or Predator movie. Just a typical monster mayhem movie with two icons shoehorned in that feels nothing like the movies that spawned them. James Cameron could have written a better story with his ass cheeks. This and the Predator are the only two films on this list that i'd consider objectively terrible movies.)

Top Alien comics

So far I think these comic series are my personal favourites. Nightmare Asylum and Labyrinth are DEFINETELY must-reads for Aliens fans. Nightmare Asylum feels like a true Aliens sequel and Labyrinth is perhaps most memorable for making people want to take a shower after reading. Aliens: Stronghold I refused to read for the longest time because of that cigar munching Xeno Jeri on the front cover, and I ultimately dismissed it as campy Herk Mondo bullshit. Ironically enough I will happily eat my words as Stronghold is actually one of the best Aliens comics i've read. Weirdly enough Jeri is a great character, and his relation with the other characters, including murdermachine Dean is great. It also delves kind of deeply into the whole asimov's law aspect of the franchise, that Scott (kind of?) touched on in Alien: Covenant.

Aliens: Sacrifice is a a weird story with a rather unconventional premise, which definitely works in its favour. It has this trippy, fever-dream esque vibe to it that fits right in with the cosmic horror aspect of a Xenomorph creature. Pretty brutal twist too! On the topic, Aliens: Salvation is also a really great read as well that touches on religious themes.

Music of the Spears concept is so unique and ridiculous that I absolutely love it. Despite its incredibly...'odd' premise, I never felt like it jumped the shark and still felt relevant to the Alien universe (okay maybe not the ninjas but whatever). Usually I hate it when the Alien franchise devolves into stupidity, like with what happened with Resurrection, but I dunno. Music of the Spears just clicks.

Aliens: Defiance is a series that feels like it was a cancelled movie screenplay, its probably the most faithful Aliens comic that exists so far, and Zula Hendricks is by far the greatest Aliens comics character ever written (though she was given 12 issues to be fleshed out). Speaking of cancelled movie scripts, William Gibsons Alien 3 is an absolute treat to read. I adore the Cold War undertones to this comic, specifically between Weyu and the UPP, which makes perfect sense in the Aliens universe considering the design behind USCM equipment and vehicles were all inspired by the conflict in Vietnam. The writing really shines here, and it shocks me that this wasn't the movie that was made in place of what we got (though I must admit singling out Ripley in favor of Hicks and Bishop is a little bit of a controversial choice to make, and the final issue is severely rushed). Even though William Gibson's script is by far the best of the bunch, I hope dark horse adapts more of the cut Alien 3 scripts, or maybe even Alien: Engineers. Honourable mentions should go to Aliens: Dead Orbit and Aliens: Dust to Dust for capturing the aesthetic of the universe perfectly.

Top Predator comics

Predator Life and Death, though technically an AVP comic is a pretty awesome read. It introduces us to one of if not the greatest Yautja character out there, Ahab, nails the concept of humans and Predators working together and tops it all off with an awesome showdown between Ahab and an Engineer. Really entertaining! I put off Hunters II for the longest time ever, since I didnt really care for the first series, but after FINALLY reading it, its pretty fantastic. The setting of Afghanistan seemed like an initial eye-roller to me but after rolling with it its kind of genius. We also get a redemption arc for Tyler Swain, previously a mouthy idiot in Hunters I. THIS comic however totally ups his character and gives him enough development for you to actually care about him. Give it a read, its in my opinion far better than the first series. Hell Come a Walkin' is positively fantastic and probably the best historically-based Predator story I've read so far, though the inclusion of Jesse James as the main character is a little weird. Honourable mentions would go to Predator: Big Game and Predator: Nemesis. Rite of Passage and God's Truth are just simple, uncomplicated and interesting little side-stories that I also have to give a shout out too as well.

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