An untitled Predator game, codenamed PredatorVR, is currently in development for PlayStation VR.[1] News of the upcoming game was leaked on May 17, 2019 via a PlayStation achievement listing.[1] The leak shows that the game will allow players to play as a human character, as well as a Predator. It spans multiple modes across singleplayer and multiplayer, including a wave-based survival mode.[2]

Further details are unknown at this time, although it is possible the game is linked to the recently announced Predator: Hunting Grounds from IllFonic.[3] The project could also be related to the Predator VR arcade game, developed by VRsenal and Phosphor, first shown publicly in 2018 published by FoxNext.[4]


  • Campaign: Story mode (play as human).
  • Rampage: Wave-based survival mode (play as Predator).
  • Multiplayer: Round-based player vs. player (play as human or Predator).


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