"How's the host?"
"Doing well!"
―Dr. Wren and the scientist (from Alien Resurrection)

An unnamed scientist was part of the seven-man scientific team aboard the United Systems Military vessel USM Auriga that successfully cloned Ellen Ripley in order to recreate the Xenomorph XX121 species.


The scientist was present during the operation to remove the Chestburster embryo from Ripley 8, and it was her job to monitor Ripley's condition during the procedure. When she informed Dr. Wren that Ripley had come through the surgery unharmed, he immediately chose to keep her alive for further study.

It is unknown what happened to the scientist during the Xenomorph outbreak aboard the Auriga. However, it is likely she was killed aboard the ship.


  • The unnamed scientist is sometimes confused with fellow USM scientist Carlyn Williamson. However, upon closer inspection, the two people are clearly played by different (although admittedly very similar) actresses; the unnamed scientist is visibly older, and does not have greying hair like Williamson.
  • In the novelization of Alien Resurrection, the science team on the Auriga is said to be comprised of Drs. Wren, Gediman, Williamson, Sprague, Clauss, Kinloch and Watanabe, along with intern Trish Fontaine.[2] The unnamed scientist's relation with these characters is unclear, since although Wren, Gediman, Williamson, Sprague, Clauss and Fontaine can all be identified in the film, Matt Kinloch and Yoshi Watanbe are never truly described in enough detail to make a connection.



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