"What the...?"
―The pilot (from Predator)

An unnamed pilot for the United States Army flew the helicopter that rescued Anna and Dutch from the jungle of Guatemala after the latter defeated the Jungle Hunter in unarmed combat.


Helicopter rescue[]

The pilot was ordered by Major General Philips to pick up Dutch and his team from the back-up extraction point in the jungles of Guatemala; upon landing, the crew found only guerrilla prisoner Anna Gonsalves present. After returning to base, Anna informed Philips of what had happened to the team and insisted that they return for Dutch.

The following day, the pilot returned to the jungle with Anna and Philips, and his helicopter was almost brought down by the detonation of the Jungle Hunter's Self-Destruct Device. As the smoke cleared over the leveled jungle, the pilot and Philips spotted Dutch amongst the ashes, and set down to pick him up before returning to base.


The pilot flew a Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopter, better known as the Huey, and was no doubt skilled in its maintenance and operation.


  • The unnamed pilot is portrayed by Kevin Peter Hall, the actor who also played the Predator in the film. He was given the part at the last minute by director John McTiernan as a thank you for his weeks of gruelling work performing inside the Predator suit.[3]



  1. The pilot's actor's (Kevin Peter Hall) height was 7ft 2 (218.4 cm), so that is also how tall the pilot would have been.
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