"You're at Gateway Station. Been here a couple of days."
―The medical technician (from Aliens)

An unnamed medical technician (Med-Tech)[2][3] at Gateway Station was responsible for Ellen Ripley while she recovered following her rescue from extended hypersleep in 2179.


When Ripley was recovered after 57 years of drifting through space aboard the Narcissus, she was moved to Gateway Station for medical tests. As she recovered, the medical technician tended to her in her hospital room and helped her to acclimatize to her new surroundings — Gateway had not even been built when Ripley went missing in 2122.

As one of the first people that Ripley got to know during her recuperation period, the medical technician sometimes featured in her nightmares about the Xenomorphs. During one particular dream, the technician was present when an imaginary Chestburster inside Ripley hatched, at first pinning Ripley down as she began to convulse before recoiling in horror when the creature began to emerge.




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