An unnamed Young Blood Predator was a Blooded Yautja from the Young Blood Pack. He was one of five Young Bloods who travelled to BG-386 to undertake their first Hunt.


The unnamed Young Blood travelled to BG-386 as part of the Young Blood Pack to hunt Xenomorphs there as part of their initiation Hunt. Each member of the Pack ultimately hoped to join the Elite Clan for their endeavours.

However, owing to the activities of Karl Bishop Weyland and his team of Weyland-Yutani scientists, BG-386 became host to a massive Xenomorph infestation and resulted in the deployment of the United States Colonial Marine Corps on the planet. Several of the Young Bloods were quickly overwhelmed and killed.

The unnamed Young Blood, however, successfully killed several Marines, eventually encountering Rookie in the jungles. Evidently deciding Rookie would make most worthy prey, the Young Blood began to stalk him through the jungles of BG-386 and the Yautja ruins found there. While stalking Rookie, he encountered a group of Marines near the crashed dropship Typhoon and successfully killed at least one of the men.

Shortly after this, the Young Blood finally confronted Rookie in the combat arena at the center of the ruins. However, it was defeated by the hardened Marine and ultimately fell dead, defeated.


  • The unnamed Young Blood constitutes one of the seven "boss" characters in the game (designated by an on-screen bar showing their health during the player's battle with them). The others are Wolf, the Matriarch, two Praetorians, Karl Bishop Weyland and the Abomination. While two other Young Blood Predators are fought in the game's Alien campaign, they are not considered bosses.
  • The unidentified Predator actually has the same appearance as the game's Predator protagonist, Dark. This seems strange, as every other member of the Young Blood Pack seen in the game shares its appearance with Claw.
  • Although never explicitly stated, it seems likely that this Young Blood is the individual responsible for shooting down the dropship Typhoon in the jungle, as it is soon after this that the Predator begins stalking Rookie, and it continues to do so until their confrontation in the ruins.



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