An unnamed Elite Predator was an Elite Yautja from the Elite Clan. He was dispatched by his clan elders along with Dark and Wolf to BG-386, to investigate a distress call sent by the Young Blood Pack. He was killed in the Hive inside the Freya's Prospect refinery.


Just as Dark achieved the rank of Elite and was accepted into the Elite Clan, a group of Young Bloods on their first hunt sent a distress signal from BG-386. Spartan, the Elite Clan Leader, dispatched Dark, Wolf and a third Elite to the planet to investigate the Young Bloods' whereabouts. Upon reaching BG-386, the unnamed Elite headed to the ore refinery at the colony of Freya's Prospect, but was soon killed there, presumably by Xenomorphs. His body was later found by Dark, who claimed the fallen Elite's Smart Disc before activating the Predator's Self-Destruct Device and fleeing the scene.


  • The unidentified Predator actually has the same appearance as the game's Predator protagonist, Dark. This seems strange, as there were other Predator skins created for the game (seen as multiplayer skins) that were not used in single-player.



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