An unnamed AVP short story is an upcoming short story written by Steve Perry. It will be included with AVP: The Hunt Begins and will expand upon the game's plot.[1]


"The Board Game will be set between the "Alien" and "Aliens" movies.
Weyland Corporation has dispatched the ship “Theseus” into space. Its primary objective to populate the Mining Planet, LV-669, with a workforce of Convicts and genetically modified beasts of burden (to be used for labour and food). The convicts are guarded by a detachment of Colonial Marines and the ship has a strong contingent of Medical Cyborgs. All the humans and animals are in stasis. Whilst in transit, the “Theseus” receives a new order:
+++Investigate potential Xenomorph infestation on Planet LV-426+++- -
+++extract samples+++ +++
The Cyborgs alter course as defined. The ship arrives and sets orbit around LV-426. The medical crew extract ‘Alien Egg’ and ‘Facehugger’ samples from the surface. When they report back they are directed to propagate and incubate the xenomorph samples. They utilise a percentage of the Theseus convict and animal cargo to complete their directive. Putting infected ‘cargo’ back into stasis. Once the new directive is complete the Theseus resets its course to dock with the Weyland Medical Station orbiting Earth. During the return flight, a facehugger escapes the med-bay to get sucked into Power Turbine Cooling System, where it is macerated. The acid-blood quickly destroys the Turbine and breaches the ship’s hull. The Main Power Grid and communications are compromised; hence no communication with Wayland HQ is possible. The majority of the cargo is awoken from stasis with the loss of power. A number of key personnel, the Colonial Marines included are still in stasis, due to secondary power supply grids. After a while the Xenomorphs appear and a short battle between convict, cyborg and Alien ensues. The outcome is inevitable. Meanwhile, a small conclave of Predators has detected the ‘Alien Nest’ and forcibly boarded the Theseus, damaging the computer systems keeping the Marines in stasis. A fire ensues…
+++fire detected+++ +++stasis-end protocol initiated+++"
―Plot of AVP: The Hunt Begins, which the novel will expand upon[1]


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