The United Systems Military (USM) was the military arm of the United Systems, founded in 2226.[1] The USM represented the unification of every military organization on Earth. The USM was both a martial and diplomatic organisation, serving to maintain peaceful relations throughout the United Systems. The reach and power of the USM outmatched most colonial militaries. Following the destruction of the USM Auriga and the resulting devastation it caused to Earth, the USM collapsed in a coup led by the revived Weyland-Yutani Corporation.[2]

The USM Auriga

The USM Auriga was a research vessel under the jurisdiction of the USM. Its commanding officer was General Martin Perez. The scientists on board the ship were conducting illegal research on Xenomorphs, including breeding. The ship was ultimately overtaken by Xenomorphs and abandoned.

Weapons and Equipment



A USM soldier in combat uniform.

USM soldiers wore navy blue colored jackets, caps and uniforms, with some wearing a type of dark military helmet. Officers and enlisted men often wore some type of gray jumpsuit beneath.

Unlike the United States Colonial Marine Corps units from centuries before, USM Navy units seemed to lack the hard body armor used for personal protection. However, as stated by USM security officer Vincent Distephano, some type of light and concealed body armor existed in some USM branches.




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