"Listen, Marine, I've been shooting people for months. A few more won't matter."
―The General to "Blake", regarding his actions. (from Aliens: Earth Hive)

This unidentified United States Colonial Marine Corps General was in charge of one of the few bastions on Earth during the Xenomorph infestation during the 2190's. By the time The Benedict arrived back to Earth in late 2193, the General had been shooting people for months during the chaos on who was carrying one of the creatures.

When the crew of the ship landed the General filled in the five survivors on the state Earth was in. As he was filling in the crew he received a message that the base was compromised and it was time to go. As he ordered his men on the ship, there were some protests from the relieved crew and the Marine Sergent Wilks. When The General drew his sidearm, the Marine stood in his way stating she wouldn't allow that to happen. The Marine moved closer to the General only to be shot twice in the chest killing her. Before he could get a third shot off the Sergent struck the General in his temple with the heel of his hand. The force of the blow was strong enough to prove fatal to the General.


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