The AVP universe has sometimes shown several species who were not identified. Some of them only appeared as skeletons or remains.

Unnamed Sentient Species[]

A reptilian species, responsible for transporting Xenomorphs on other worlds.[1]

Los Angeles hunting party's trophy room creatures[]

The Los Angeles hunting 's Mother Ship had a collection of skeletons and skulls. Some of them were recognizable as belonging to Xenomorph and Human. One of them was a Tyrannosaurus-like creature with a second lower jaw and dreadlocks, possibly a Galar. Another skull on the wall was that of a Yautja-like creature with no eyes, possibly a Predox. Next to the Xenomorph skull there was also a skull with ridges and bumps. And other, dinosaur-like extraterrestrial skulls, including that of a triceratops.[2]

Arachnid-like species[]

In 1930, Scarface is exiled to a hostile planet populated by an unnamed insect-like species resembling the "Arachnids" in the 1997 film Starship Troopers.[3]

Wolf's Trophy cabinet[]


Wolf's trophies.

The Yautja had a trophy cabinet full of trophies, including Humans, Xenomorphs and even a Engineer space helmet. One of them resembles the skull of a Triceratops.[4]

Game Preserve Planet's insectoid creature[]

Royce two months later

Royce with the head of the insectoid species.

A species with insectoid eyes and long fangs was sent by the Yautja on the Game Preserve Planet. Several of them were killed by Royce.[5]


"Gruzzlies" is the name given to a mysterious aggressive species native on the hostile planet Hardscrabble.[6]