" be sent back here with only the tools of an un-Blooded youngster; to have to prove itself all over again."
Isabella Borgia, regarding Scarface (from Predator: Concrete Jungle)
Shorty 2
Rank Un-Blooded
Superior To: Suckling
Subordinate To: Young Blood
Hunting Captain
Clan Leader
Clan Elder
Next Rank: Young Blood

Un-Blooded Yautja are usually young inexperienced hunters that fall behind even a Young Blood in rank. They are not yet experienced enough to participate in a Xenomorph Hunt.



"Unblooded were tiresome creatures, inexperienced and vibrating with bloodlust."
Tli'uukop's sentiments on Unblooded (from Skeld's Keep)

Tichinde was an un-Blooded Predator.

Un-Blooded Yautja are denied certain privileges that other, higher-ranked predators have. They are limited to a certain amount of weapons and, if the Young Bloods are anything to go by, those weapons lack the acid-resistance generally found in hunting tools. They also cannot challenge anyone to a death-match, only claw-challenges.[1]

Un-Blooded Yautja are often violent, restless, formless and eager, in stark contrast to the silent, methodical methods of older, more experienced Yautja.

Most un-Blooded are male and train in groups of about 15 or 20. However, groups of 40 sometimes occur. They train beneath the eye of a Leader.

Promotion to Young Blood

Basic Training

"She's training me as she would one of her own."
Caryn about Big Mama

Big Mama training Caryn, a human un-Blooded, to fight.

Before a Yautja begins hunting, he first spends weeks learning hand-to-hand combat. He then learns simple blade combat.[2] This basic training is taught by experienced older Predators of Blooded rank or higher. The neophyte Predator is expected to attack the seasoned predator armed with nothing but their bare hands, Cloak, bio-helmet, and Wrist Blades.

Caryn, thinking big Mama is displeased with her.

Presumably, they are to keep training until their teacher is satisfied with their progress. Not all un-Blooded Predators make it out of this stage alive; training can be deadly to unqualified and inexperienced youngsters and it is implied that a teacher who feels their charge is not improving can kill the student with impunity. After hand-to-hand training is complete, un-Blooded hunters are transported, in groups of 12 to

Un-Blooded quarters are shared.

40, to planets which are intentionally seeded with Xenomorph. Given an assortment of armaments which they must fight over, they assemble as a Pack and follow a Leader to become blooded Predators.

Exemplary Battle Prowess

It is mentioned in War that a skilled enough Yautja can skip the rank of Young Blood altogether and jump straight to a Blooded warrior. One way this is possible is killing a Queen Xenomorph single-handedly. Machiko Noguchi did this and later escaped from a Queen, but because she was Human, she was ignored and scorned instead of praised and exalted.

Falling from Grace

Not all un-Blooded Predators are young and inexperienced. If a Predator of high rank humiliates itself seriously enough to warrant a punishment less extreme than death, they will be exiled instead for up to century, perhaps longer. Likely at the discretion of the Clan Leader, this Predator will be allowed to return to the Clan but will have to atone for the mistakes of its past. When they return, they are demoted, stripped of their honor and equipment, and given the tools of an inexperienced hunter, expected to redeem themselves by starting all over again.

Lock Pleating

In Nat'ka'pu clan, it is said that the first step to becoming a warrior was the pleating of the hunters Dreadlocks. Hunter's Planet describes tough and wirelike and that the tube-like dreadlocks are the end product of a long and extremely painful ritual that take months. At the slightest show of pain or discomfort, the pleats are undone and the process must be started over again.[3]


According to Concrete Jungle, inexperienced hunters are allotted the following hunting tools:

Notable Un-Blooded Predators

  • Scarface was a high ranked predator that was demoted to an un-Blooded predator for revealing the existence of it's kind to it's prey and leaving it's technology for them to dissect.
  • Tichinde was an un-Blooded predator who turned Bad Blood as soon as he wasn't supervised.
  • Shorty was an unusually small Yautja who was rivals with Machiko Noguchi.


  • An un-Blooded warrior rank has never been seen.
  • The wrist blades provided for an un-Blooded are far shorter than one most other Predators. All other ranks tend to have far more impressive blades, indicating their higher position.


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