A Ulysses synthetic in service with the Neonopolis Police Department.

The Ulysses is a power armor series manufactured by Borgia Industries. It has a Gatling gun on one arm and a claw like attachment (similar to the Power Loader) on the other for melee purposes. These massive machines were operated by Synthetics. These were notoriously strong and were mainly used for enforcing Borgia law or protecting the industry itself. There was a weakness however. If one could manage to leap onto its back, he/she could pop open the hatch were the Synthetic is and defeat it from the inside. There were also larger, more powerful versions of these machines that were used to try to prevent the Yautja Scarface from reaching MOTHER in the Borgia tower. They can also be modified for a normal person to drive them but the driver would be exposed.



  • The name Ulysses could be a reference to civil war general and 18th president Ulysses S. Grant.


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