The USS Sephora was a Conestoga-class troop transport ship in service with the United States Colonial Marine Corps. It was most notably used in the search for the USS Sulaco above LV-426 in 2179, when it was manned by a battalion of Colonial Marines under the command of Captain Jeremy Cruz.

The Sephora was ultimately destroyed in orbit above LV-426 in a battle with the Sulaco, which had been commandeered by Weyland-Yutani PMCs.


In 2179 the USS Sephora discovered the USS Sulaco unexpectedly orbiting around LV-426 instead of Fiorina "Fury" 161 where it was last seen. The Sephora docked alongside the Sulaco and began sending Marines into the Sulaco to investigate. Almost immediately they discovered a huge Xenomorph infestation aboard the ship, and several Marines were killed in the initial chaos. The situation worsened when the umbilical connecting the two ships was destroyed, stranding several Marines aboard the Sulaco. Soon afterwards, the Weyland-Yutani PMCs stationed aboard the ship opened fire on the Sephora with the Sulaco's weapon systems, instigating an orbital battle.


Captain Cruz immediately ordered any surviving Marines aboard the Sulaco to fight their way to the ship's bridge and deactivate the ship's weapons to end the bombardment. Eventually, a team led by Corporal Winter made it to the bridge, but they were too late — the Sephora's core had already gone critical, and the ship was blown apart by the resulting explosion. Pieces of the vessel rained down on LV-426 and the colony of Hadley's Hope for hours afterwards.


  • Armory - LF-1 Clearance
    • Firing range


As opposed to the Sulaco, which carried only one section of Marines, the Sephora carried a battalion in form of the 118th Battalion with some 400 Marines. Some of the members of Sephora's crew were:

†These three Marines only appear in the game's co-operative campaign mode, being the characters assumed by additional players. As such their canonicity is debatable.


  • The Sephora continues the tradition of naming spacecraft in the Alien franchise after elements from Joseph Conrad novels — the Sephora is a ship in the 1909 short story The Secret Sharer.
  • The comic Aliens: Colonial Marines - No Man Left Behind mistakenly calls the Xenomorph infested ship the USS Sephora when it was the Sulaco that was overrun by Xenomorphs.





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