The USS Odobenus was a space station orbiting Acheron (LV-426) in the late twenty-second century. It succumbed to a massive Xenomorph infestation that began at the research facility on the moon.


Weyland-Yutani used the Odobenus as a research platform, notably developing the Xenoborg cyborgs on the station. It was in orbit around LV-426 in 2189 when a large Xenomorph infestation broke out at the Weyland-Yutani research complex on the moon. Through unclear means, the infestation spread to the Odobenus, which was also boarded by several Yautja. Private Anderson boarded the station as he attempted to escape the Xenomorph outbreak, leading to a three-way battle between the three species.


  • While the Odobenus is not named after any specific element taken from the works of Joseph Conrad, odobenus rosmarus is the taxonomic name for the walrus, which is heavily hunted for its ivory; Conrad's novel Heart of Darkness concerns the ivory trade (albeit in Africa).
  • An "Odobenus Station" is mentioned in a text log in Aliens versus Predator 2; while it seems unlikely this is intended to be the same station that is overrun in the preceding game, it is almost certainly an intentional reference.


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