"She was a wreck when I bought her. I had to take a lot of contracts to get her into shape, but now she more than pays for herself"
Verlaine (from Alien: Isolation)

The USCSS Torrens,[1] registration number MSV-7760, was an M-class commercial transport starship[1] privately owned and captained by Diane Verlaine, registered out of Saint Clair. In 2137, the ship was chartered by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation to transport a small team to Sevastopol Station, where the flight recorder unit of the missing USCSS Nostromo had been recovered.[2]


Fateful Trip

On December 11, 2137, the Torrens traveled with Samuels, Taylor, and Ripley to retrieve the flight recorder from the Nostromo. Upon arrival at Sevastopol, Captain Verlaine finds the station damaged and communications with its occupants scrambled and unintelligible. Unable to dock due to damage to the dry dock, Ripley, Samuels, and Taylor attempt to spacewalk over to the station to investigate, but their EVA line is severed by debris from an explosion and Ripley is separated from the others. Verlaine then tried to contact Sevastopol, asking what happened and did any of the EVA team make it on board. She then said they have taken damage in the explosion and are pulling out of Sevastopol space, systems will be down while they repair, can't say for how long. The radio booster Verlaine fitted to Samuels suit was damaged during the crossing, leaving the group unable to communicate with the Torrens. After losing contact with the group, Verlaine flew the Torrens around the station shining a light to locate the group, the Torrens came across the Sevastopol Spaceflight Terminal were Ripley was, however the terminal shutters closed, cutting Ripley of from sight.


Sometime later, Verlaine and Connor saw the Anesidora blow on the starboard side of the station, taking out the entire orbital stabilizer array. Verlaine then contacted Sevastopol reporting what she and Conner saw. She then said they have no place to dock, asked what's going on in there, they can take survivors, and she'll leave this channel open. Eventually, Ripley realigns Sevastopol's communications array to contact the Torrens. Ripley tells Verlaine about the Xenomorph and they need extraction. Verlaine tells Ripley there's nowhere for them to dock and the station is tearing free from its gravity mooring. Verlaine then tells Ripley she's seen a towing platform below the spaceflight terminal, but the Torrens umbilical isn't built for it. She'll need to extend the tow platform clamps station side. Verlaine later contacted Ripley to tell her, they're about to move into position for the auto umbilical dock sequence, they will be dark on Comms until they matched the decaying orbit of the station and are in position, they are just waiting on her to extend the towing platform clamps. Verlaine later contacted Sevastopol to tell them that, they are the Torrens, they are attempting to dock on the tow platform below the spaceflight terminal, and they can take survivors. Verlaine then maneuvered the Torrens into position at the tow platform.

End of Sevastopol

Verlaine later contacted Ripley to tell her to hurry, and they don't have much time, the station's falling apart. Soon after Ripley contacted Verlaine, and Verlaine told Ripley how to extend and engage the docking clamps. However, when Ripley went to the upper control room to extend the personal umbilical, she discovered it was removed during the decommissioning. However, Ripley realized she can use the maintenance rig, and an EVA suit, to get to the Torrens. But when Ripley was putting on a suit, a Xenomorph dragged her into the vents and cocooned in a Hive. However, Ripley was able to escape before being impregnated. But when Ripley returned and contacted Verlaine, Verlaine told Ripley that, they were being dragged down with Sevastopol, the gravitational pull has twisted the rig, and they can't get free of the station. When Ripley asked Verlaine what she needed to do, Verlaine told Ripley, to get out the airlock and EVA over to the maintenance platform, there are explosive bolts on the emergency release, hurry! Sevastopol is going down fast! As Ripley made her way to the platform, Verlaine activities the Torrens engines. When Ripley got to the platform, she contacted Verlaine. Verlaine than told Ripley, there should be two priming mechanisms to unlock the manual release. Verlaine then told Ripley, she set the airlock to auto. Just as a group of Xenomorphs was about to attack, Ripley freed the Torrens, just as Sevastopol began burning up in KG-348.


Verlaine then moved the Torrens to safety, as Ripley made her way into the airlock. Unfortunately, while docked to the station, a Xenomorph snuck on board and presumably kills Verlaine and Connor on the bridge. Ripley then tries to contact Verlaine and heads for the bridge. But when Ripley opens a door, the Xenomorph appears. Cornering her in the airlock, and about to strike, Ripley blows herself and the Xenomorph into space. Ripley then tries to contact the Torrens but gets no response. Three days later, Ripley is rescued, but what happens to the Torrens, and it's crew, is unknown.




The real-life Torrens.

  • The Torrens continues the tradition of giving spacecraft in the Alien franchise names that reference Joseph Conrad. However, in this instance the name refers not to his literary works, but to a real-life clipper ship that Conrad served on before becoming an author.
  • The ship's interior is modeled after that of the Nostromo, its deck plan being an almost exact match of A-deck on the ship from Alien.




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