"She was a wreck when I bought her. I had to take a lot of contracts to get her into shape, but now she more than pays for herself"
Verlaine (from Alien: Isolation)

The USCSS Torrens,[1] registration number MSV-7760, was an M-class commercial transport starship[1] privately owned and captained by Diane Verlaine, registered out of Saint Clair. In 2137, the ship was chartered by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation to transport a small team to Sevastopol Station, where the flight recorder unit of the missing USCSS Nostromo had been recovered.[2]




The real-life Torrens.

  • The Torrens continues the tradition of giving spacecraft in the Alien franchise names that reference Joseph Conrad. However, in this instance the name refers not to his literary works, but to a real-life clipper ship that Conrad served on before becoming an author.
  • The ship's interior is modeled after that of the Nostromo, its deck plan being an almost exact match of A-deck on the ship from Alien.




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