The following lists denote the small arms, light weapons, military vehicles and aerospacecraft weaponry of the USCM Corps and their ammunition.


Personnel Weapon Systems

Small arms


  • 9mm



  • .45 ACP
  • Anti-personnel 'dumdum' rounds
  • Tungsten core armor-piercing rounds

88 Mod 4

  • 9x19mm Parabellum

9mm (Alien Trilogy (video game))

  • 9mm


  • 9x19mm Parabellum


  • 9mm squash head


  • Caseless

M41 — All variants

NSG 23



? (pump action shotgun) (Aliens versus Predator 2)

  • Buckshot
  • Slug

M37A2 (12 gauge)

MK221 (12 gauge)

  • Buckshot
  • H34 Fragmentation Round - Warhead: 15mm HE (High Explosive)
  • W-Y ID16 Incendiary Shell

U7 (12 gauge) — Under-barrel attachment for the M41A MK2 and M4RA

  • Buckshot

AF13 (12 gauge) — Under-barrel attachment for the NSG 23

  • Buckshot

21S Arc Round launcher — Under-barrel attachment for the MK221

ZX-76 (12 gauge) — Double-barreled pump action shotgun

  • Buckshot

Sawed-off double barrel shotgun (12 gauge) — Not a service weapon though occasionally carried by some USCM Corps members

  • Buckshot

Light weapons


  • [[10x28mm Caseless|M250 10x28mm Caseless]

M57D — HMG

  • [{Radioactive ammunition]}

M90 — Rotary machine gun

  • Armor-piercing round


  • Armor-piercing


  • High-explosive armor-piercing rifle sabots


  • Timed fuse grenades
  • Proximity mines
  • EMP grenades
  • Spider mines

U1 — Under-barrel attachment for the M41A MK2, M4RA and integral for the M41A)

U4 Firebomb Launcher — Under-barrel attachment for the M41A MK2

Prox-Mine Launcher — Under-barrel attachment for the M4RA

  • Proximity detonated anti-personnel mines



  • Unguided rockets
  • Guided missiles


Skeeter Launcher

  • Skeeter (missile)


M78 — DEW

  • 4 mW hydrogen fuel cell and cadmium telluride pellets (for vaporization into superheated plasma)


  • 80mm mortar shells


  • Hypervelocity surface-to-air missile


  • Time-delayed explosive-tip darts


  • Charged plasma arc



  • Ultra-thickened napthal fuel


  • Ignited liquid napalm

ID23 — Under-barrel attachment for the NSG 23)

  • Fuel/magnesium liquid combination

Electroshock weapons

Taser Web Rifle (Aliens: Rogue/novel)

  • Electrified nets


Organic support weapons


  • Long-range hypervelocity missile - Warhead: Multi-dart kinetic penetrator

Command-level support assets


  • Ground-launch anti-space missile - Warhead: Kinetic


  • Multi-stage missile w/multi-warhead (10 warheads)

Military Vehicles and Aerospacecraft

Combat vehicles

Stinger XT-37

  • Double-barreled 50mm injection-cooled cannon
  • Surface-to-surface Alienator missiles x4, 300 m range

RE700, dual 20mm rotary cannons (forward right hull mounted remote cupola) (M577A1-3 APC)

  • 20mm caseless HEAP (High Explosive Armour Piercing)
  • 20mm caseless 'Beehive'-type APF (Anti-Personnel Flechette)

M579, quad 20mm rotary cannons (rear dorsal/hull mounted remote turret) (M579 APC)

  • Armor-piercing shells
  • High explosive shells

M270, phased plasma gun array (rear dorsal/hull mounted remote turret) (M577A1 APC)

  • 6 mW hydrogen fuel cell and cadmium telluride pellets (for vaporization into superheated plasma and magnetic acceleration to 5,000 m/s)

M820, rapid-pulsing free-electron 40mW laser (rear dorsal/hull mounted remote turret) (M577A2 APC)

  • 10 mW hydrogen fuel cell (to power the laser)

? (dual CPC) (rear dorsal/hull mounted remote turret) (M577A3 APC)

  • Deuterium (to provide charged particle beam mass)

M40 Ridgeway heavy tank

  • 115mm cannon shells
  • Scatterable mines
  • 60mm mortar shells
  • 20 kW phased plasma point defense gun — CIWS

M572 Armored Mortar Carrier

M292 Self-Propelled Artillery

  • 158mm cannon, 36 rpm, 78 rounds:
    • Standard Extended Range Full Bore shell - Range: 39 km
      • Warhead variants:
        • HE (High Explosive)
        • Area Denial Mine
      • w/Base-bleed addition - Range: 48 km
      • w/Ramjet-powered shell - Range: 62 km
    • M14 Smart Shell


  • 250mm rockets x8, 120 km range - Warhead variants:
    • Scatterable munitions
    • Scatterable mines

Military aerospacecraft

UD-4 "Cheyenne" Dropship

  • GAU-113/B, 25mm six barrel rotary cannon (6,000 rpm), caseless ammunition (ventral nose mounted remote cupola):
    • API (Armor-piercing Incendiary)
    • APDS (Armor-piercing Discarding Sabot)
    • HEI (High Explosive Incendiary)
  • Mk. 10 70mm ZEUS (unguided spin-stabilized rockets) - Warhead variants:
    • Smart fused anti-personnel fragmenting warhead
    • Smoke warhead for deploying particulate smokescreens
  • Mk. 88 120mm SGW (Short-range ATG anti light armor/emplacement/hangar guided missile) - Warhead: Shaped charge
  • LAU-190/A (16-tube rocket launcher)
    • Mk.16 150mm BANSHEE 70 (unguided ATG rocket) - Warhead variants:
      • M18 (incendiary)
      • M451 (high explosive, blast-fragmentation w/smart fuse)
      • M597 (multi-dart w/17 incendiary flechettes designed to penetrate tank armor and bunkers)
      • M598 (anti-personnel 'beehive' round containing 4,800 7.2g kinetic-penetrating darts)
      • M617/M618/M680 ('cluster' warheads carry a variety of up to 98 submunitions per warhead including anti-tank, anti-personnel, cratering and incendiary bomblets in different proportions)
  • AIM-90E HEADLOCK (short-range air-to-air guided missile) - Warhead: 34 explosive darts (directed to target aspect pattern formation upon release to ensure a kill)
  • AGM-220C HELLHOUND II (multi-role guided tactical missile)
  • AGM-204A TSAMCIWS, short-range, guided, auto-launching, speed priority missile)

Military Starships

Re-entry capable

Conestoga-class troop transport spacecraft


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