"Under-barrel mounted, medium capacity, twelve gauge shotgun; offers a close range alternate fire option to a primarily mid-ranged weapon."
Armat U7 Tac-Shotgun description (from Aliens: Colonial Marines)

The Armat Battlefield Systems U7 Tac-Shotgun is an American-made underbarrel 12-gauge shotgun attachment manufactured for the M41A Pulse Rifle MK2 and M4RA Battle Rifle.


The U7 Tac-Shotgun is a pump action underbarrel 12-gauge shotgun feeding from an 8-shell underbarrel internal tube magazine, providing more stopping power and a short range alternative for the weapon.


  • The U7's model in Aliens: Colonial Marines is reused for the AF13 Shotgun (as well as it's incendiary shell counterpart).
  • According to the Colonial Marines Technical Manual, the standard Pulse Rifle grenade launcher (the U1 Grenade Launcher) can be loaded with M108 Buckshot rounds (among other ammunition types), which would render the U7 completely unnecessary. However, buckshot cannot be used in the U1 in-game.
  • The U7 is unlocked at Marine Level 5 for the M41A Pulse Rifle MK2 and Marine Level 15 alongside the M4RA Battle Rifle.




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