Typhoon was a UD-6B "Mohawk" Dropship aboard the USS Marlow. It was notably involved in the USCM mission to BG-386.

Typhoon was one of several Dropships to escape the destruction of the Marlow, and was subsequently used in a ground support role on the planet, notably engaging targets in the jungles of BG-386. However, it was shot down by Predator weapons fire while attempting to rescue several Marines, and was damaged beyond repair in the crash.


Typhoon was involved in the initial ground deployment of Colonial Marines on BG-386, and as such it was not aboard the Marlow when it was destroyed in orbit by a Predator frigate. It later assisted survivors in the jungles of the planet, providing them with air support. The dropship was en route to pick up one of these survivors when it was shot down by Predator ground fire, crashing in the jungle. While the crew survived the crash, the Cheyenne was damaged beyond repair and Corporal Tequila was captured from the wreckage by Xenomorphs and subsequently cocooned and implanted with a Chestburster.



  • Typhoon's nose logo was an angry Chinchilla wielding a large Pulse Rifle, with the slogan, "Killer chinchilla".
  • Although it is never established who exactly is responsible for shooting down Typhoon, it is likely the same Predator that Rookie ultimately fights in the combat arena, as that individual begins stalking him in the jungle soon after Typhoon crashes, and continues to do so until their confrontation in the ruins.



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