Tristan "T-Rex" Jones[1] is an Australian comic book writer, editor and artist who has provided art for several comic books in Dark Horse Comics' Aliens lines. Jones also designed an action figure released to tie-in with the Aliens: Defiance series, on which he served as one of the primary artists.[2]

In response to a question about Amanda Ripley, Jones confessed via Twitter about wanting to pitch a graphic novel sequel for the game Alien: Isolation.[3] In April of 2018, Jones revealed that he had in fact attempted to pitch such a project the year before, but it had not been commissioned.[4] After the announcement of Aliens: Resistance, a story which would serve as a sequel to Alien: Isolation, Jones was confirmed to be doing variant cover art for the project. Jones then unveiled on Twitter the raw cover art for his variant for the first issue.[5]


Interior artist

Cover artist



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