"All right, boys. Loack and Load. We're goin' hunting."
Travis (from Predators: A Predatory Life)

Travis was a mercenary and the leader of a private military team hired by Ayotunde Kutti to help the rebel leader overthrow the General in charge of a war-torn African state in 2010.

He was killed by Royce, along with his men and many of Kutti's other followers.


Some time prior to his being hired by Ayotunde Kutti in Africa, Travis had worked with Royce in Pakistan. After joining Kutti's cause, Travis and his right-hand man Baker helped to organize the rebel leader's forces, and under their guidance Kutti's men managed to take control of almost a third of the country.[2]

Travis and Royce came into contact again when Royce was hired by the very General Kutti sought to overthrow to eliminate the rebel leader and all of the mercenaries under his command. When Royce attacked the village where Kutti was based, he tricked Travis into leading a search party into the surrounding jungle; by the time Travis returned to the village, the huts were ablaze, Kutti was dead and its defenders had been slaughtered. During the carnage, Amina, a local woman to whom Travis had become close, was accidentally shot by Royce. As Travis and his men gathered around her, Royce delivered the coup de grâce, gunning down Travis' surviving men and pursuing Travis into the jungle.

When Travis reached his jeep, hoping to flee, he found its driver already dead. Cornered by Royce and resigned to his fate, he attempted to convince his killer that the people who had hired him were no better or worse than Kutti. Unmoved, Royce shot Travis dead.[1]