Tracker, also known as Flusher or Dog Handler,[2] was one of the Super Predators on the Game Preserve Planet. Tracker notably used Hell-Hounds to flush its prey out of hiding. As well as an ongoing rivalry with the Jungle Hunter Clan, Tracker and his clan also abducted dangerous humans and other dangerous game to hunt on the planet for sport.

Tracker was killed by Nikolai, who sacrificed himself by detonating several Claymore mines attached to himself, obliterating the Super Predator with the blast.


The Hunt Begins


The Tracker with the Berserker.

The Tracker, like his clan brothers, set up the season's game on the Game Preserve Planet. He was a powerful and skilled fighter. After locating the group of humans, he ordered his Hell-Hounds to attack them, in order to determine how they would react. While the group engaged Tracker's hounds, either a hound or one of the Super Predators proceeded to kill the human known as Cuchillo, and he was subsequently booby trapped, but this plot was unsuccessful. Once the humans entered their hunting camp and found a mainstream Yautja tied up, he along with his clan brothers attacked the group of humans, Mombasa was killed during the carnage. The Tracker and his clan-brother, the Berserker, opened fire on the retreating humans, but failed to injure or kill any of their prey.

The Last Prey


The Tracker lifting up Nikolai before he is killed by the latter with explosives

He later tracked Royce and his allies to Noland's hideout after the mercenary Royce gave their position away. The Super Predator entered the hideout and killed the escapee, Noland, blasting the scavenger into pieces using his Plasma Caster. The Tracker toyed with his prey as the Humans were trapped in a room. The group got out and attempted to get away, but Edwin got lost in the darkness. Lighting a flare, he threw one that hit the cloaked Tracker, and as he walked slowly towards Edwin, Nikolai came and saved the doctor by shooting the Tracker. Angered, he caught up to them as they ran and shot Nikolai from behind with his Plasma Cannon and de-cloaked, slowly walking towards the wounded soldier as he tried to crawl away. The Super Predator impaled Nikolai in the chest and held up with his Wristblade while Edwin escaped. But the Tracker's hunt came to an end when Nikolai pulled out two of his claymore mines and said a Russian version of Dutch's quote, before he set the charges which creating a massive explosion, killing both the Tracker and himself.

List of Notable Victims

Weapons & Equipment

Like his brothers, the Tracker had a singular Wristblade on his right arm, one of the Super Predator Plasma Casters, and updated vision. He also has a whistle device used for calling his Hell-hounds. He is distinguished from the others as he has two curved tusks jutting from his Bio-Mask and he is also the bulkiest of his brothers in the hunting trio.


A Predator Hound.

What sets Tracker Predator apart from his clan brothers, and the mainstream Predators seen in previous films, is his use of domesticated alien creatures in the form of Hell-hounds. Resembling a cross between a tiger and a wild boar, the Hell-hounds are extremely vicious and aggressive medium sized quadrupedal animals capable of causing significant damage. Their function is similar to a Spaniel as they are used as means of "flushing out" quarry. Unless a vital organ is fatally injured, these creatures are extremely difficult to kill as one was shown still standing after being shot at multiple times by bullets from a M134 Minigun at point-blank range.

In order to communicate with the Hell-hounds, the Tracker Predator carries a whistle like device. While it is never seen on film, it is heard. It creates a very loud, high pitched sound that the Hell-hounds have seemingly been conditioned to respond to immediately.

Like his clan brothers, the Tracker Predator is armed with a single, lengthy Wristblade that functions much like the twin-bladed Wristblades of the mainstream Predators. The blade is one of the largest seen in any Predator film, rivalled only in size by the elongated blades worn by the mainstream Predators in the first AVP. The material for the blade is extremely strong as the Tracker Predator used it to lift the Russian commando, Nikolai, off his feet. Though only the Berserker Predator was witnessed using it in such a way, it is presumed that the Wristblade worn by the Tracker Predator can also be fired as a weapon. This is most likely as a last resort use.

Along with the Berserker Predator, the Tracker Predator is also armed with one of the newer and sleeker Super Predator Plasma Casters. While the newer Plasma Casters still fire blue plasma bolts, the Plasma Caster mechanism itself is much different from the mainstream Predators and the sound effects are different as well. The new Plasma Caster is much smaller, sleeker, and resembles a minigun in design. The firing mechanism also twirls and rotates before a bolt is fired, indicating that the blast is charging and powering up. The longer the Predator charges the blast, the more damage the bolt inflicts. This was clearly demonstrated in the film, when the Tracker Predator took his time charging up his Plasma Caster before blasting Noland, blowing him to pieces. Yet when he quickly shot Nikolai in the back, the blast went clean through him, creating a small hole through his body.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Tracker Predator, also referred to as the "Flusher Predator" and nicknamed "Tusky" by fans,[3] after the two curved tusks jutting from his mask, is one of the main Super Predators introduced in the 2010 film Predators and is part of a new breed of Predators that are at a clan war with the mainstream Predators. The Tracker Predator was portrayed by actor and stuntman Carey L. Jones.
  • According to the making of Predators, the tusks on Tracker's mask are actually from Predator hounds.
  • While often addressed as the Tracker Predator, he is also sometimes addressed as the Flusher Predator after his role in the film to “flush out” the humans with the creatures he controls: the Predator hounds or hunting dogs.

NECA action figure biography

  • "Tracker Predator always enjoyed the company of Predator Dogs over the company of other Yautja. Raised in a culture that revolves around hunting and stalking prey, Tracker Predator bred and trained Predator Dogs in the art of flushing and tracking, as he believed Predator Dogs were not used to their full abilities in the hunt by other Yautjas. On his first official hunt of a Xenomorph (Alien), the dogs of the Tracker Predator allowed him to track and kill a Xenomorph in record time, but their wasn't much of a trophy to collect, as the dogs did not leave a shred of the prey intact. Although brutal and wild, Tracker Predator is able to command these Predator Dogs with great mastery and earned respect as a Young Blood class Predator." [4]


  • Tracker was the first of the three Super Predator to be killed in Predators.
  • Tracker appears in AVP: Evolution, but unlike in the film, the Predator's Plasma Caster is mounted on the right shoulder, not the left.
  • Tracker also carries a Yautja Whip in the Predators mobile game.





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