"Don't worry, mom, you and Newt can count on me to look out for you."
Timmy (from Aliens: Newt's Tale)

Tim "Timmy" Jorden[4] was a colonist living at Hadley's Hope on Acheron. He was the son of Russ and Anne Jorden and elder brother to Rebecca Jorden. He was caught up in the Xenomorph infestation that overran the colony in 2179.

Timmy, along with his mother and sister, was with the small group of survivors that holed up in the colony's operations center. He perished when the Xenomorphs overran the room while he killed the individual Xenomorph Drone with a handgun.


Tim was the only person who called Newt by her real name, Rebecca. When his parents Russ and Anne were dispatched to investigate the derelict on LV-426, Timmy and Newt went along in their Daihotai Tractor, where they stayed while their parents entered the ship to investigate. When Russ was taken back to Hadley's Hope with a Facehugger attached to him, Timmy's friend Aaron led the Jorden siblings through the ventilation ducts to an opening overlooking the medical facility where Russ had been quarantined.[5] From here they witness Russ' death as the Chestburster inside him hatched.

As the Xenomorph infestation began to overrun the colony, several of the survivors retreated to the storage areas beneath the operations building, including Anne, Timmy and Newt. Despite attempts to fortify the room, the Xenomorphs eventually burst in and Anne was killed trying to hold them off so that her children could escape through the vents. Seeing his mother die, Timmy took up the handgun she had been carrying and used it to kill the Drone responsible, but was himself killed when the creature's acidic blood sprayed onto his face.[5]

Personality and Traits[]

As Newt's older brother, Timmy often took on a protective role in their relationship. Following the death of his father, Timmy also assumed this role in his family as a whole, at least in his own mind, pledging to keep his mother safe. He showed great bravery when he tried to avenge his mother and defend his sister from the Xenomorphs, although this act ultimately cost him his life.

Behind the Scenes[]

Original comic book appearance[]

Following Aliens, the character of Timmy went on to appear (in flashback) in the first Aliens comic series published from 1988-1989 by Dark Horse Comics, which continued the story of his sister Newt as she and Hicks travelled to the Xenomorph home world in order to combat an infestation that has taken over the entire Earth.

However, following the release of Alien3 in 1992, in which Newt perished, the identities of several characters in the comics were altered to keep the stories congruous with the film franchise. Timmy therefore became Vick, with the change first appearing in the novel Aliens: Earth Hive, an adaptation of the first Aliens comic series, released several months after Alien3. Subsequent reprints of the early comics have also used these altered names. Despite these changes, the characters' back stories were not altered (beyond the names of people and places), and so Timmy and Vick both share remarkably similar experiences — both were deep-space colonists, both stumbled upon a derelict alien spacecraft containing Xenomorph Eggs with their family, and the subsequent Xenomorph infestation they unwittingly unleashed claimed the lives of every inhabitant at the colony with the exception of their sister.


  • Timmy Jorden actor Christopher Henn is the real life older brother of Carrie Henn, who played Newt.
  • Timmy Jorden and the rest of his family (excluding Newt) were cut from the theatrical release of Aliens when the studio complained that the film was too long. The scene featuring him was later reinstated for the extended Special Edition.


Retconned appearances[]