8 Eta Boötis A III, also known as Tientsin from the name of its main colony, was the third planet located in the 8 Eta Boötis System 37 light years Coreward from Earth.[1]

Population: 500,000


Once an independent resource-rich world, in 2162[2] a coup supported by the Union of Progressive Peoples overthrew the previous government and installed a socialist-friendly government. The United Americas, summoned by another independent planet and the old regime, send the Colonial Marines in support beginning the infamous Tientsin Campaign. During the firefights, many colonists were caught in a crossfire and were forced to take arms against the two opposing forces to defend themselves, the main island was split into several warring factions. After several fruitless confrontations, the UPP and UA finally withdrew from the planet and left the colonists on their own which degenerated into chaos with the different factions unleashing nuclear strikes decimating the planet’s resource-rich archipelagos, making mining operations difficult. Several years later Weyland-Yutani offered humanitarian aid to the Tientsin Colony in the form of older model atmospheric processors, but their offer was rejected by the current government. Even nowadays the conflict isn't truly resolved.[3]

The conflict saw the emergence of the practitioners of the Holy Immolation, a group of quasi-religious pacifists in direct opposition to the corporate domination who immolate themselves in the name of a free Frontier.[4]

Flora and Fauna[]


Except for jungle, wetlands and swamp flora, nothing is known about Tientsin flora.


Nothing is known about Tientsin fauna.

Climate and Terrain[]


The climate is hot and humid with sometimes rainstorms. The mean temperature is 27°C and the atmosphere is breathable for humans.[3]


The terrain is mainly terrestrial composed of island chains an archipelagos with dense jungles and wetland surrounded by deep alkaline seas.[3]


Key resources: Bauxite, Chromate, Promethium, Yttrium, Manganese and Gold (before the Tientsin Campaign). Nothing (after the Tientsin Campaign).[3]

Points of Interests[]

The Tientsin colony was the main POI of the planet, several independent groupings were also present but nearly everything was destroyed during the Tientsin Campaign.[3]



  • The planet is named after the Northern China city Tianjin that is sometimes alternately romanized as Tientsin.
  • The Tientsin-class assault ship is either named after the planet or the campaign that happened on it.