"Who taught you to translate?"
"Funny, he kinda looked like you..."
Sebastian and Thomas (from Alien vs. Predator)

Thomas Parks was an archaeologist and photographer who took part in a Weyland Industries expedition to Bouvetøya, Antarctica in 2004 to investigate an ancient Pyramid buried beneath the ice there. The Pyramid was discovered to be a Yautja temple and hunting ground where the Predators would breed Xenomorphs for use in their Hunts, and the expedition soon became caught up in the battle between the two species.

Parks was impregnated by a Facehugger in the sacrificial chamber, and died when the Chestburster inside him emerged.



"Without a crew and a new permit we're out of business."
Thomas, to Sebastian (from Alien vs. Predator)

Since April 2003,[3] Thomas had been working under Sebastian De Rosa at their dig site around the Temple of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico,[4] seeking to verify Sebastian's theories on a link between the major ancient civilizations.[5] However, after eighteen months of excavations, the team had found no hard evidence, and Minister Juan Ramirez was growing impatient with their lack of progress. During a visit by Ramirez and his assistant Olga, yet another setback led to the Minister to inform Sebastian and Thomas that their funding would be cut off and they would be replaced with another team. Dismayed, Sebastian and Thomas were almost immediately offered a lifeline that might enable them to continue funding their dig in the form of Max Stafford, who was willing to offer them a large sum on money in exchange for meeting with Charles Bishop Weyland.

Expedition to Bouvetøya[]

"Those who choose may enter..."
Thomas, mistranslating ancient hieroglyphics (from Alien vs. Predator)

Sebastian and Thomas graciously accepted Stafford's offer and travelled to the icebreaker Piper Maru, currently pushing through the Ross Ice Shelf, although they had no real intention of taking part in any venture Weyland proposed, instead intending to leave at the first opportunity and spend his money on the dig at Teotihuacan.[6] However, as soon as Weyland revealed the objective of the expedition to the gathered men and women, the archaeologists were immediately enthralled, and saw this as a chance to prove Sebastian's theories once and for all.

Upon arriving at the pyramid beneath the ice, the mix of ancient hieroglyphics from different cultures found on the walls appeared to prove Sebastian's theories. Thomas immediately began translating the text, although occasionally with corrections from Sebastian.

Sacrificial chamber[]

"What did you say this room was called?"
"Sacrificial chamber..."
Rousseau and Thomas, shortly before their demise (from Alien vs. Predator)

Upon discovering the sacrificial chamber inside the structure, Thomas continued translating the hieroglyphs found there, as well as linking the condition of the bodies the team found to similar human sacrifice practices carried out by other ancient cultures — specifically, citing the damage to their ribcages as a sign that the victims had had their hearts ritualistically removed. However, Rousseau was quick to point out that the shattered ribs were bent outwards rather than inwards, as though something had burst out of the body. When the expedition split to cover more ground, Thomas was placed in charge of the scientists left to document the sacrificial chamber.

When Stafford and his men removed the Yautja's Plasmacasters from the sarcophagus in which they were found, the sacrificial chamber sealed itself, trapping the researchers inside, before mechanisms delivered several Eggs to the room. The Facehuggers that emerged quickly subdued the humans, impregnating them with Chestbursters that soon emerged, killing Thomas and the others.

Personality and Traits[]

Thomas was somewhat shy and meek, although clearly enthusiastic about his work as an archaeologist. During his time on the expedition, Thomas tried several times to strike up flirtatious conversation with Rousseau, although she coldly rejected his advances.




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