Predator Incursion

Cover to Predator: Incursion, the first installment of the trilogy.

The Rage War is a novel trilogy written by Tim Lebbon and published by Titan Books. It consists of the novels Predator: Incursion, Alien: Invasion and Alien vs. Predator: Armageddon, which collectively form one continuous storyline.

As well as the standard print editions, each of the novels has been released as an audiobook, read by John Chancer.

The trilogy was first teased by James A. Moore (the author of the Alien: Sea of Sorrows) on September 2, 2014 on The Aliens Legacy forums.[1] The trilogy was later officially announced in an advertisement placed at the end of the next Alien novel, Alien: River of Pain.


The Rage War takes place long after the events of the novel Alien: Sea of Sorrows, making it the latest in terms of series chronology for both the Alien and Predator franchises. The trilogy chronicles a wholesale invasion of human space by the Rage, a band of outcast humans who have returned after centuries in exile to reap their vengeance upon mankind with a vast army of Xenomorph shock troops. As their terrifying onslaught overwhelms the Human Sphere, a disparate group of survivors attempt to thwart the invasion with the help of the Yautja, who have also found themselves at the mercy of the Rage's horrific army.

The Rage War Novels[]


The Rage War trilogy features an ensemble cast, and the novels alternate between the point of view of a different character each chapter.

  • Liliya is an android created by the Rage, and the one most responsible for the events of the trilogy. In the prologue, she acquires genetic information on the Xenomorphs that enables the Rage to control them. Feeling remoreseful, she chooses to rebel against the Rage to save humanity.
  • Dr. Isa Palant is a xenobiologist specializing in the Yautja. Through circumstance, she is pulled into the war against the Rage, and is crucial in acquiring the aid of the Yautja.
  • Major Akoko "Snow Dog" Halley is the leader of the United States Colonial Marine Corps 39th Spacebourne, known as the DevilDogs. She is assigned by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation to protect Isa Palant.
  • Lieutenant Johnny Mains is a member of USCM 5th Excursionists, known as the VoidLarks. His squad are the ones to initially discover the Rage threat when they come across a horde of their Xenomorph soldiers aboard a Yautja habitat.
  • Private Gemma Lieder is a member of the VoidLarks and Mains' love interest.
  • Jiango and Yvette Tann are a pair of former Weyland-Yutani scientists who are now on the run from the company after they tried to accuse the company of illegal experiments with the Xenomorphs, which caused the death of their son. Due to their knowledge of the Xenomorphs, they opt to help Liliya in delivering vital information on the creatures to Weyland-Yutani.
  • Ware is the captain of the Satan's Savior, a mercenary ship that Liliya and the Tann's hire to deliver them to Weyland-Yutani.
  • Hashori is a female Yautja warrior that becomes Liliya's companion in her mission to defeat the Rage.
  • Kalakta is the Elder Yautja leading the forces that are allied with the Human Sphere in their fight against the Rage. He is implied that he is a descendant of the Los Angeles hunting party from Predator 2.
  • General Paul Bassett is the leader of the entire USCM, and the one heading the majority of the assaults against the Rage.
  • Gerard Marshall is one of the "Thirteen", the board of directors that maintain control over the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. As head of the company's scientific arm, Marshall directs Palant and Halley throughout the novel, hoping to use them and their connections to the Yautja to acquire a Xenomorph sample for the company so they can find a way to utilize the Rage's means of controlling them.
  • Yaquita is an ancient female Yautja and brilliant scientist among her people who helps Palant uncover the nature of the Rage's technology.
  • Milt McIlveen is a Weyland-Yutani agent and scientist assigned as Palant's assistant in her studies of the Yautja.
  • Alexander is one of the many android generals in the Rage. Through advanced biological nanites, he and the other androids are capable of controlling the Rage's Xenomorph armies.
  • Beatrix Maloney is the leader of the Rage and the main antagonist of the trilogy. Having usurped control over the Rage from her former friend, Wordsworth, she desires the complete subjugation of mankind out of revenge for perceived crimes against her people.


  • The Rage War trilogy is a distant follow-up to James A. Moore's Alien: Sea of Sorrows, which concludes with Weyland-Yutani recovering samples of the Xenomorph species from the planet New Galveston. These samples then form a background plot point in the Rage War, being the basis of research that the Rage then use to further their own efforts to weaponize the creatures.
  • The format of the Rage War trilogy — one book from each of the Alien, Predator and Alien vs. Predator franchises that together form one continuous storyline — was likely inspired by the Fire and Stone comic book crossover event from the previous year, which similarly consisted of separate series from the Aliens, Predator, Aliens vs. Predator and Prometheus lines that together formed one cohesive story.
  • Despite the first two books being branded Predator and Alien, respectively, all three in fact feature both species, and in essence all three are "Alien vs. Predator" stories.
  • The Rage War was the third time the trilogy format was employed for novels in the Alien/Predator/Alien vs. Predator franchise, after the original Aliens novel trilogy and the 2014 Alien novel trilogy. It was the first such trilogy to receive an official collective title. It was also the first such trilogy to be entirely written by a single author.
  • Rage War author Tim Lebbon would later write two prequel short stories featuring the character of Major Akoko "Snow Dog" Halley; the first of these, Spite, appeared in the anthology Aliens: Bug Hunt, while the second, Devil Dogs, appeared in the anthology Predator: If It Bleeds. The events Halley experiences in these short stories are actually mentioned in passing in Armageddon and Incursion, respectively.
  • Many ships and minor characters in the books are named after other Alien/Predator/Alien vs. Predator authors. Examples include the VoidLarks' ship, the Ochse (named for Weston Ochse), the HellSparks' ship, the Navarro (named for Yvonne Navarro), and Marines named Moore (after James A. Moore) and Golden (after Christopher Golden). The last two authors previously worked with Lebbon on the 2014 Alien novel trilogy.