The Rage, formerly known as the Founders, were a dissident group of human scientists that elected to depart human space in search of a better life, free to explore and research from the restraints of human society. However, under the leadership of Beatrix Maloney, the group's aims eventually turned to revenge for the perceived persecution that first caused them to leave human space, and to this end they launched a large-scale invasion of the Human Sphere, led by an army of Xenomorphs under their control.


The Founders[]

The Rage began as the Founders, a group of intellectual humans whose advanced scientific experiments — including genetic sampling, quantum quantification, multiverse balancing and quark replacement therapy[1] — drew scorn from the rest of humanity. Faced with this persecution, the Founders exiled themselves from known space at the turn of the 25th century,[2] seeking discovery and a better life far away from the influence of the rest of mankind. They departed human space aboard three ships, Hamlet, Othello and Macbeth, each carrying a thousand occupants;[3] although Hamlet was lost on the initial journey from human space, the two remaining vessels and their two thousand occupants began their long voyage of discovery out into uncharted, unpopulated space. For some time, the group existed in something approaching the utopia they had sought, under the guidance of their leader, Wordsworth.

Incredible discoveries[]

Although new members were born aboard Othello and Macbeth, the original Founders eventually began to grow old and die. Wordsworth himself was nearing the end of his life, even with the tremendous advances in medical care the Founders had discovered. It was then that the group located a gel-like substance on a distant planet that seemed to be capable of halting or even reversing the ageing process.[4] This gel was quickly adapted as a medicine to save the ailing Founders, and prolonged their natural lives far beyond that of a normal human.

Some time later, the group made more incredible discoveries aboard an artificial planetoid found to have originally been constructed by the now long-dead Drukathi; the Founders dubbed the satellite "Midsummer".[5] There they uncovered the creatures' incredibly advanced biotechnologies, many of which were reverse-engineered and adapted by the Founders. They also discovered the Faze, strange creatures that were responsible for the construction of Midsummer itself, even now continuing to expand the planetoid. But perhaps the most important discovery of all lay deep within Midsummer — Xenomorphs, laying dormant and waiting.

Maloney's coup[]

The discovery of the Xenomorphs was to be the trigger for Beatrix Maloney's takeover of the Founders.[6] While Wordsworth insisted it was a sign they should leave Midsummer for good, Maloney harbored her own dark plans for the creatures, and when Wordsworth would not agree with her vision, she murdered him in secret. Installing herself as the new leader of the exiles, Maloney renamed them the Rage and immediately had the Xenomorphs brought aboard for study, basing their research on data originally stolen from Weyland-Yutani by Liliya hundreds of years before. Under Maloney's leadership, the Rage abandoned their onward journey of exploration and discovery in favor of returning to the Human Sphere and taking revenge on the former persecutors. At their leader's insistence, the Faze were also brought aboard Othello and Macbeth, whereupon they began to automatically repair and upgrade the ships, despite failing to respond to any and all attempts at communication.


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After many years of preparation, during which time the Xenomorphs were successfully subjugated and placed under the total control of the Rage's android generals, Maloney began her war of vengeance. A fleet of Fiennes colony ships, originally sent out from the Human Sphere before even the Founders departed on their journey, were rounded up and captured, their sleeping occupants used as nurseries for the Rage's Xenomorph soldiers. Maloney sent transmissions ahead of her advance, activating sleeper agents within the Human Sphere who carried out devastating terrorist attacks on targets across human space. The Rage also unleashed their Xenomorph army on the Yautja, testing their creations in battle before the assault on the Human Sphere began.