This article covers all the known deleted scenes from the 2018 film The Predator. Some of the sequences here never progressed past the early script or storyboard stages, while others were filmed before being cut during the editing process. Despite their removal, several of these scenes were included in the movie's novelization.


The Predator was extensively changed during the course of post-production, with much of the final act being reshot and reworked.[1] Perhaps the most notable casualties of the editing were the Emissary Predators and the character of General Woodhurst, all of whom were deleted from the film as a result of the post-production changes.

Where applicable, the names of these deleted scenes have been taken from the Blu-ray release of The Predator.

Deleted Scenes

A long time ago...

The film originally opened with a block of text summarizing the events of Predator and Predator 2 and establishing that Project Stargazer was established to track Predator activity on Earth. The text went on to explain that Stargazer has been funding a linguistics study at a top American university hoping to translate and alien language detected in transmissions in deep space (as mentioned in the finished film) and that their work has so far managed to decipher over 50 variations of the word "kill". Fianlly, just prior to the events of the movie, a transmission was received and translated as "Traitor. Yautja. KILL."[2]

Ark crash

The film's trailers include footage of the Ark crashing in the swamps of the southern united States. The crash in the film is mostly unseen, and the ship is eventually found in a quarry rather than a swamp.

Traeger meets McKenna

After arranging to post the Predator equipment he recovered home, McKenna was originally seen exiting the bar and being confronted by Traeger (and several heavily-armed men) outside. Traeger then informs McKenna he is going to prison.


Jogger hitting on Bracket

Perhaps the most infamous deleted scene from the film (owing to the controversy it generated during the build-up to release) involved Casey Bracket's original introduction. Before meeting with the Stargazer agents who recruit her, she was to have encountered a man jogging in the park who began aggressively flirting with her, much to her annoyance.[2] The scene would have established Bracket's knowledge of evolution and biology, as well as her ability to handle herself when she stands up to the jogger. After them man runs off, the scene would have continued with Bracket meeting the Stargazer men.[2]

The scene was removed during editing when it was revealed that Steven Wilder Striegel, the actor playing the jogger, was a convicted sex offender.

Rory's flashback

The scene where Rory opens the package containing Predator equipment sent by his father originally began with a flashback to when he was younger, in which his mother and father are seen fighting over the fact Quinn is upset that his son is not more like him.[2]

Rory plays spaceship

The film's first trailer showed footage of Rory playing with a Predator device in his basement, edited to imply he was controlling the crashing Ark. However, this footage of Rory was not sued in the film.

General Woodhurst

The character of General Woodhurst, played by Edward James Olmos, was completely removed from the film during post-production.[3]

Like father, like son

The scene where Bracket is looking through the tablet at the Stargazer lab originally included a moment where she finds a picture of Peter Keyes on the device, whom Traeger labels one of the founders of Stargazer. She would then have looked up to see Sean Keyes, and noted the family resemblance.[4] Sean Keyes was played in the film by Jake Busey, whose father Gary played Peter Keyes in Predator 2.

"The audience would have gotten to see my dad and me in the same frame and the tongue in cheek aspect of it, that both of us were of the same age when we filmed the Predator movies."
―Actor Jake Busey on the cut family moment.[4]

Lynch goes shopping

After the Loonies arrive at the apartment where they lay low, an additional scene showed Lynch getting into a fight with an aggressive biker outside. He then proceeds to show off with a girl, showing her card tricks, before approaching a trucker and asking to see what weapons he has for sale in his truck.


Surveying the house

Just after Traeger goes to question McKenna's wife, the scene was originally extended to show that the Loonies were hiding outside, surveilling the house and eavesdropping on their conversation.


Job description

Trailers included a sequence where Traeger asked Bracket if she knows what his job description is, before clarifying, "I'm in acquisitions. I look up and I catch what falls out of the sky." The exchange was to have happened while Traeger is interrogating Bracket at the barn, but the footage was not included in the finished film.

Come get us

Another signature line of dialogue seen in trailers but removed from the film was the original ending, in which McKenna looks up to the sky after the showdown with the Ultimate Predator and calls out, "So come and get us motherfucker."

Alternate endings

Among the scenes added during the post-production reshoots was the final scene introducing the Predator Killer suit. Two alternate, unused versions of this scene were also shot, each involving a different contents inside the Predator pod. Both of these alternate takes featured a human occupant of the pod, one being Newt and the other being Ellen Ripley, both of them hooked up to some form of breathing mask marked with the Weyland-Yutani logo that obscured their faces.[2]


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