The Officially Authorized Magazine of the Movie Alien is a 1979 promotional magazine containing articles about the film Alien, published by Warren Publishing. It features a range of pieces relating to the movie, including information on the cast, interviews, behind the scenes pieces, reviews and even a quiz. Alongside the written information, the magazine contains a wealth of exclusive behind the scenes images.


The magazine is filled with numerous articles on the film, covering a wide and varied range of subjects. These include a history of the production; pieces on the film's sets and special and creature effects; a review of the movie by principle writer Richard Meyers; interviews with H. R. Giger and Harry Dean Stanton; information on some of the scenes deleted from the final cut; an analysis of the Alien's biology; and trivia relating to the film. Among the more interesting pieces are a proposed backstory for the Pilot that suggests how the derelict may have come to be on the planetoid in the film, a look at several early ideas for a potential sequel (one of which bares at least passing similarities to Aliens as it was eventually made), and a quiz that tests fans' knowledge of Alien.

As well as the numerous written articles, the magazine also contains a large number of images, including both behind the scenes photographs and captures from the film itself.


  • The magazine repeatedly misspells model supervisor Peter Voysey's surname "Boysey".

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