One of the Monster Squad cyborgs.

The Monster Squad was the codename of a massive group of cyborgs, genetically altered by Borgia Industries. They were formerly citizens of Neonopolis who were presumably kidnapped by Borgia. The successful subjects were turned into armored super-soldiers, while the failures or those incompatible for the augmentation were sent to the Borgia towers to become hosts for Xenomorphs. The successful ones became part of an elite assault group known as The Monster Squad. Their weaponry was hardwired into their brains, ensuring that they would kill their enemies efficiently.

In 2030, a group of four were sent to a Borgia depot to kill or capture a Yautja intruder, Scarface. However, Scarface killed the four and took their skulls as trophies. Then a larger group, nearly a hundred, arrived in dropships. Scarface fought as many as he could, but the Predator was defeated and taken to the labs where The Monster Squad was built.

Scarface broke out and rescued other Yautja that were held in the labs. Several Monster Squad members that were guarding Predator tech in the labs were sent in to kill Scarface, but they too were killed by the hunter. Later, when Scarface broke into the Borgia tower, a team of Monster Squad were sent to face Scarface as a last-ditch effort to kill the Predator before it got into MOTHER's chamber.

There were four variants of Monster squad soldiers:

  • Unit Alpha - Snipers
  • Unit Beta - Hard wired into Liquid Nitrogen Projectors
  • Unit Gamma - Plasma Casters
  • Unit Delta - Shock troops, modified rocket launchers


  • The Monster Squad shares its name with the 1987 film The Monster Squad, which was written by Shane Black and Fred Dekker (director and writer of The Predator, respectively) and featured creature effects by Stan Winston, Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr..
  • In a certain level of the video game Predator: Concrete Jungle, you can find either failed experiments (the ones laying on table in pieces) or live ones (the ones that stand up or the ones in armor). The unarmed experiments usually count as DISHONORABLE. Many think that the Monster Squad is just an army to protect Borgia Industries.
  • If a monster squad cyborg is damaged, sections of its armor will fall off; when critically injured (when they are on their knees), their disfigured appearance is revealed. Unit Deltas are the most disfigured of the four types; when these are critically damaged, it can be seen that they are missing their lower jaw and their rib cage, while their brain is exposed and one of their legs is missing most of its skin and muscle.



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