"We have discovered something that utterly redefines my understanding of the Xenomorph. I knew they were robust, able to withstand environmental extremes beyond any other complex lifeform, but to discover her here! So ancient, so worn by time, yet alive! Aware."
―Dr. Groves, regarding The Matriarch (from Aliens vs. Predator)

The Matriarch, also known as the "Hag Queen,"[1][2] was an ancient Xenomorph Queen on BG-386.

The Matriarch was originally captured by the Yautja and imprisoned on BG-386, where she was used to lay Eggs so that the Predators may hunt the resultant Xenomorph offspring. Thousands of years later, she was discovered and captured for study by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, but later escaped thanks to the actions of Specimen 6. She subsequently set up a Hive at the nearby Freya's Prospect colony, where she was killed by Rookie.



The Matriarch was captured by the Yautja many thousands of years before Weyland-Yutani arrived on BG-386 and entombed on the planet. Over the years, her Eggs were used by the Yautja to breed Xenomorphs for hunts, which would sometimes take place in a large, purpose-built combat arena constructed nearby. Even after the surrounding Yautja city fell into decay, the Matriarch remained, imprisoned within the ruins.

The Matriarch was eventually discovered by Weyland-Yutani, who moved her to a research facility and used her Eggs to breed Xenomorph Drones for study. The Matriarch was held in a large chamber at the center of the laboratory complex, directly above the lifts accessing the Pyramid beneath, and was notably separated from her Eggs by a huge security door that sealed around her ovipositor. Aside from her Eggs, her Royal Jelly was also collected and researched.

Escape and destruction[]

"The Queen is free! We're all fucked!"
"Shoot the bitch! Shoot her!"
―Security guards, following The Matriarch's escape (from Aliens vs. Predator)

The Matriarch's Hive inside the Freya's Prospect refinery.

Some time after her imprisonment, the Matriarch was freed when one of her brood, known as Specimen 6, escaped, released several other live Xenomorph subjects and sabotaged various systems in the lab complex. Following their escape, the Matriarch and her Drones quickly set up a Hive in the refinery at the nearby mining colony of Freya's Prospect, using the colony's inhabitants as hosts for more Xenomorphs.

The United States Colonial Marine Corps was dispatched to BG-386 in response to the infestation, although the Matriarch managed to survive numerous assaults, including a major effort led by Major Van Zandt. However, she was eventually confronted in her chamber by Rookie, who, with the aid of Corporal Tequila, successfully used the refinery's systems against her, detonating combustible containers and eventually causing a large explosion that incinerated the Queen. The Matriarch's death triggered a debilitating neural shock in her Xenomorph brood, causing many of them to temporarily collapse, paralyzed with pain.


"Imagine, an intelligence captive yet aware for tens of thousands of years...How can mortal man conceive of such eon-spanning resiliance?"
―Dr. Groves, regarding The Matriarch (from Aliens vs. Predator)

The Matriarch was far grayer in color than other Queens, possibly due to her extreme age — she is said to be tens of thousands of years old by Dr. Groves.[1] She also has what appear to be battle scars on her crest and face. Her hide is exceptionally tough, to the point of being bulletproof, and she can withstand all forms of ballistic weaponry. If Rookie attempts to directly shoot the Matriarch then Corporal Tequila will state (over the radio) that "her skin is too tough" for such an assault.


  • The Matriarch is one of the main antagonists in the 2010 video game Aliens vs. Predator (the others being Karl Bishop Weyland and the Abomination).
  • It is not exactly clear where on BG-386 the Matriarch was entombed by the Predators. She cannot have been kept inside the Pyramid beneath the research labs, as that is not opened until after several Xenomorphs, including Specimen 6, have already been bred from her Eggs. A logical location where she may have been held is the large subterranean temple that Dark enters during the Predator campaign (as dialogue confirms Weyland-Yutani have accessed it and have been focusing their research there). However, there does not seem to be any area within this temple where a Queen could safely be contained. Concept art for the game shows that the chamber where the Predators had imprisoned the Matriarch was originally going to be seen in the game, but it was evidently cut from the final release.
  • The Matriarch constitutes one of the seven "boss" characters in the game (designated by an on-screen bar showing their health during the player's battle with them). The others are Wolf, an unnamed Predator, two Praetorians, Karl Bishop Weyland and the Abomination.
  • The Matriarch is the only character that doesn't kill any characters in the scene of the game.




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