The Making of Alien Resurrection is a 1997 behind the scenes book covering the production of the film Alien Resurrection, written by Andrew Murdock and Rachel Aberly and published by HarperPrism. It was published on November 28, 1997.

Publisher's Summary

ALIEN RESURRECTION marks the fourth installment in the Alien science-fiction film series.

The story takes us into deep space where the USS Auriga is the venue for clandestine scientific experiments in the name of medical advancement. The arrival of the Betty, a rock n' roll spacecraft with a cargo of live hosts and a volatile crew, plants the seeds for confirmation and conflict.

Sigourney Weaver returns as the genetically corrupted Lieutenant Ripley, and is joined by Winona Ryder, as the auton robot Call and an eclectic crew of renegade space pirates in a quest to find meaning in a world that seeks to tamper with the lethal and mysterious alien life form.

Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet, who generated the abstract and visually arresting films Delicatessen and The City of Lost Children, takes creative license to establish another uniquely stylized futuristic vision.

The Making of Alien Resurrection is a celebration of the creative process involved in the completion of a major feature film. Join the director, cinematographer, designers, editors, visual effects consultants, special effects technicians, artists, sculptors and a myriad of other talented people in a collaborative journey to fabricate an idiosyncratic perception of the future.


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