"So here I am, stuck in group two, the sequel to group one, only stupider."
Quinn McKenna (from The Predator)

The Loonies with Quinn McKenna. Left to right: Lynch, Coyle, Baxley, Nettles, Quinn, Nebraska.

The Loonies, officially referred to as Group 2, was a group of ex-military outcasts being shipped somewhere for "evaluation".

Nebraska mentioned that they were classed as "group two" (Group therapy, Room 2), when asked by Quinn McKenna on who they were. However they called themselves The Loonies.

Most, if not all of the Loonies suffered from some behavioural and mental instability and most were constantly in a state of humor, laughing at each other's antics and look of exasperation on McKenna's face when he met them. The behaviour of the loonies was also questionable as, despite Casey's ordeal of nearly being killed and accidentally sedating herself, they took numerous bets on how she would react upon waking.

Despite their eccentricities, they were all competent military men and successfully dealt with Project Stargazer's military force without any causalities to themselves.

All of the Loonies were killed in the battle against the Upgrade Predator, but their actions resulted in its ship crashing and the numerous injuries sustained by the alien, which decisively contributed to its defeat. After their deaths, Quinn McKenna, with Casey watching by, collects mementos from their personal affects, telling his son, Rory, that no one else will remember them.

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