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The Harry Harris Aliens Collection & Archive (HHACA)[2] is a collection of original and replica props from the Alien franchise (mostly from Aliens) owned by British collector and archivist Harry Harris. The collection contains more than 1000 items, including costumes, accessories, models, toys, memorabilia, production documents, blueprints and photographs from the Alien franchise.[1]


Harry Harris worked as concept lighting designer, and subsequently on the art department at Alien War London in 1993. Items from the collection appeared in the 1995 book Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual.[2]

In 1997, the Pvt. Hudson costume in the collection was taken to Rebellion Games where it was worn by a model and filmed on video to be used as reference for the Colonial Marine graphics in the then-forthcoming video game Aliens versus Predator.[2]

In 1998, Harris provided reference material for GEOmetric Design's planned release of a series of 1:8-scale vinyl Colonial Marine figures.[2]

The UK magazine Model and Collectors Mart featured a series of Alien collectors' guides, for which Harris consulted and Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models magazine issue 30 featured an interview with him.[2]

On October 20, 2000, the collection was featured on the British television series Collectors' Lot.[2]


The collection has been on public exhibition four times. The first exhibition was at Tower Records when in 1992 when Alien3 opened, the second one was in 1993 at Alien Convention '93 in Bedfordshire, England, the third time was at Memorabilia '98 at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, England and the fourth time was in 1999 at Aliens Convention '99 in Shepperton, England.[2]


A website for the collection was designed during the summer of 1998 and opened on December 1.[3] At the time of opening, it contained over 180 pages; it currently has over 250.[3] The site also features a few items not in the collection. According to the "Latest Pages" section, the last update was on March 6, 2002.[4] The current address of the site is

Items in collection


  • Unused Marine "throat guard".
  • A headset (the type worn by Lt. Gorman, Ripley, Cpl. Hicks, Bishop, Pvt. Spunkmeyer and Pvt. Vasquez).
  • Pvt. Hudson's helmet, body armor, crotch guard, leg guards, boots, BDUs, webbing and "belt clip".
  • Pvt. Crowe's dog tags.
  • Pvt. Drake's headset, dog tags, flak jacket, T-shirt and necklace (attached to his Smartgun in the film).
  • Pvt. Vasquez's shoulder lamp.
  • Cpl. Ferro's flight suit.
  • Pvt. Spunkmeyer's flight suit.
  • Lt. Gorman's shirt.
  • Bishop's jumpsuit and sneakers (unused).
  • Newt's costume.
  • Alien head (from Alien War), arm "blade", feet and tail.


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