The Complete Aliens Omnibus: Volume 6 is a 2018 omnibus novel collection published by Titan Books. It was part of the company's Complete Omnibus reissue program, which sought to collect and re-release novels related to properties owned by Titan that were originally published by other companies. As well as the early Aliens novels, similar Complete Omnibus collections were also released for Predator and Aliens vs. Predator novels.

Volume 6 collects the novels Cauldron and Steel Egg.

Publisher's Summary

In Cauldron, on the spaceship Umiak, an elite troupe of cadets is forced into servitude by an unscrupulous captain taking the ship to a smuggler’s rendezvous. During the transaction aboard the eerily silent Virginia, the cadets unwittingly transport an unexpected cargo: a Hive of hibernating Aliens. As the Aliens begin to awake, a terrifying battle erupts between the cadets, the smugglers, the captain, and the emergent monsters. The cadets soon realize that in space, no one can hear them scream.

Steel Egg tells the story of the first encounter — someone battled them, and survived. Aliens and humans have fought before! When a human spaceship discovers a vast egg-shaped vessel in Saturn's orbit, the crew powers in to investigate. Thinking the ship might contain usable metal for Earth, they force their way aboard. Three teams split up to explore the ship. Already the Aliens have awoken. The first of all the battles unfolds.

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