The Complete Aliens Omnibus: Volume 4 is a 2017 omnibus novel collection published by Titan Books. It was part of the company's Complete Omnibus reissue program, which sought to collect and re-release novels related to properties owned by Titan that were originally published by other companies. As well as the early Aliens novels, similar Complete Omnibus collections were also released for Predator and Aliens vs. Predator novels.

Volume 4 collects the novels Music of the Spears and Berserker. As such, it is the final Aliens collection to feature material originally published by Bantam Books.

Publisher's Summary

New York City, 2124, and the streets are swarming with Alien Jelly addicts and homeless people. The power brokers look down from their high-rise offices with disgust. One of them — an entertainment mogul — is planning spectacular revenge on a maniac musician. Damon Eddington will shock the world with his latest opus — the Symphony of Hate — and the unique sound he seeks for his vision of hatred is the razor-sharp scream of the Alien...

It is called a Berserker team — desperate volunteers recruited by the Company to destroy Alien infestations. Based on the spaceship Nemesis, it consists of three brutal ex-cons and the Berserker itself: an armed exoskeleton powered by the brain of what was once a human, an unstoppable killing machine. The Nemesis is sent to a space station containing the largest Alien Hive in history, with nearly a thousand hapless humans cocooned and incubated inside. The mission: to destroy the Aliens while leaving the terminal intact...

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